Question about how systems spawn.

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  1. Canafa

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    I asked this on the steam forum yesterday, but have yet to get any answer. For my main base, I'm looking for a specific setup of planets in a particular system. I want at least one planet in the system to be a gas giant, and around that gas giant to be an arctic/ocean world, alongside some kind of terrestrial world (preferably midnight or tundra) and a moon. However, despite searching nearly four dozen systems with arctic/ocean worlds inside them, I have yet to find a single one where either ocean or arctic worlds orbit a gas giant. Have I just been unlucky so far? Or can those particular planet types not spawn around gas giants? I don't think it's a tier thing, as I've found both midnight and tundra planets around a gas giant before, so I'm really lost. Thanks in advance!
  2. Pangaea

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    What kind of systems are you searching? According to the wiki frozen stars would be the best bet for finding those planets around a gas giant. You've probably just been unlucky. Given how many quadrillions of systems there are I'm sure they exist. It just may take some time to find one.

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