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Quest Delivery Issue on Switch

Discussion in 'Support' started by torflee, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. torflee

    torflee Space Hobo

    Hey friends!
    I'm having this problem when trying to deliver an item to Robin from the bulletin board. She asks for 25 pieces of new wood. I cannot for the life of me get this to go through... I've restarted my game a million times. I'm hoping it's a user error and I'm simply not clicking the appropriate button or something.
    - Chop 25 pieces of new wood (check)
    - Go to Robin (check)
    - Select wood from toolbar so it's above head (check)
    - Stand next to Robin behind cash register and select Y -- she says something about thanking me for the stone she asked for? I have no idea what she's referring to. The bulletin quest stated she needed wood, also, I have no stone in my toolbar...
    - If I select A she says "Um.. why?" and only took 1 piece of wood

    If anyone can help me not be a dumb dumb and give this woman 25 pieces of wood that'd be awesome.

    Thank you
    • Kisrah

      Kisrah Space Hobo

      I had the same thing with Robin. She thanked me for stone, but the quest completed just fine. It seems to just be an error with her dialogue.

      Edit: Okay, I'm not having problems with Shane's delivery quest. Just handed the Quartz over no problem. My bad for being rusty on the game for that one. xD

      Delivery quests that ask for multiples of an item seem a bit messed up though? Clint asked for copper ore, and I already had some in my inventory. Shouldn't the quest recognise that and update? I finally got it to recognise the ore by moving it into a chest and taking it out again.
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      • kuroZero

        kuroZero Space Hobo

        came to post the same thing :)
        • Aeladya

          Aeladya Star Wrangler

          For things like the copper ore, sometimes there are quests where you have to mine it while the quest is activated, you are not able to grab some from your stockpile. It’s just the way the quest is and in this case is not a bug.
          • Typhoon

            Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

          • Alisuu

            Alisuu Space Spelunker

            The comment about stone is dialog bug, the quest should have delivered just fine. The "uhm.. why" was her answer to you actually gifting her wood (Which is why it took one piece) as it's not exactly her favourite. I did the same mistake earlier ^^
            • torflee

              torflee Space Hobo

              Hey! Thanks for the replies! Yeah, everyone is right. The quest goes through, the dialogue is just off and I got mad confused and assumed it hadn't. Yay, small insignificant bugs!
              • Kisrah

                Kisrah Space Hobo

                Hmm. It's been a while now since I did that quest, so I can't be sure how it was worded. I don't think it was to specifically MINE the ore though. Just that Clint wanted copper ore. And if it had to be mined to count, surely it shouldn't have counted by moving to and removing from a chest?

                I'll have to pay closer attention to what happens if I get that kind of request again.

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