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Discussion in 'Modding Discussion' started by Osvir, Apr 10, 2015.

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    Sitting with Pyxel Edit open, want to make some tiles, objects and/or assets.

    I was looking into exporting all of the Halfway files to edit your (Robotality's) assets directly but I don't know how to (I can't find any "objects001.png" or similar or any "/images" folder in any "tools" folder). Am I using the Image processor wrong?

    What I wanted to do was... well, use your units, characters, and then just paint on top of them to remain thematic to your art style (That way the campaign/mod or new assets I create keep more true to the game, and will blend better in relevance to the rest of your, Robotality's, original content imo).

    But anyways, what I wanted to ask was, what dimensions should I use for width and height in Pyxel Edit when I create a new project? 16/16? 32/32? 64/64?

    Thanks in beforehand :D

    EDIT: Taking yet another look at your wiki I found the And I figured it out.

    32/32 right?
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    • Seminus

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      Exactly, tiles and character are 32*32 but objects can have any size you want.

      Also: If you plan to make a mod you should add all the new assets in your mod folder under .halfway/mods/"yourModFolderName"
      When you extract the provided, the zip will make all folders you need. Everything you put in this folder at the right place will then be loaded by the game if you activate your mod ingame.
      You can find a bit more here about how the additive folders are working:
      It is important that you have everything changed only in your modfolder or else the mod will not work for other people, and you can just zip the folder up and share it. :)

      Let me know if you need some more help to get going.
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