Proudest SDV moment?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by deukahng, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. deukahng

    deukahng Big Damn Hero

    What are you guys most proud of accomplishing in your saves? Is not limited to achievements on the wiki. Is it your farm layout? Wooing a marriage candidate? Catching a legendary? I want to hear your stories. :3:coffee:

    Edit: I guess I could share one of mine. Spent IRL days trying to catch high difficulty fish in winter. Then suddenly, was able to get all the fish in the mines, the scorpion carp, and the glacier fish all in one day. A few tears were shed, I will say lol.
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    • Snurtsnurgle

      Snurtsnurgle Star Wrangler

      Gotta say the chicken statue, I really wanted it, and it was the hardest item for me to get.
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      • deukahng

        deukahng Big Damn Hero

        It's one of my last! Still looking for it. How long did it take you?
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        • LuthienNightwolf

          LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

          The farm layout finally being something I can brag about, and catching The Legend. And maybe finding that last artifact. I've been trying to complete all the achievements so getting that last one is always so satisfying.

          And...not quite *in* the game, but figuring out how to add in mods by myself. lol I'm not very tech savvy so I always have to get my boyfriend to do it. After watching him a few times I learned where all the files go and how to replace them, so now when I find something I like, I can grab it and add it to my game without needing help. Its a small victory, but a victory nonetheless. >u<
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          • CjBeats

            CjBeats Weight of the Sky

            Marrying the waifu obvs. Having a family. Getting a void egg. No for real, when i first got the void egg I accidentally used it to make an omelet. It took a long time to get another.
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            • Snurtsnurgle

              Snurtsnurgle Star Wrangler

              It took me 7 years, but I got the bloody thing.
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              • deukahng

                deukahng Big Damn Hero

                Same for me, all of the above. But that last one, legendary lol.
                --- Post updated ---
                Holy tits. Did you try every day?
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                • Minimanta

                  Minimanta Spaceman Spiff

                  I have several proud moments.

                  completing the museum collection is probably the proudest of them all, oh man I was literally jumping in my chair with joy irl!
                  Catching all the fish for the first time, this is now something I do with ease but the first time was absolutely awesome.
                  Reaching level 155 in the skull cavern.
                  Married a spouse in Summer year 1.
                  Completed the CC in Year 2 with bundle requirements modded with the Completionist Hardcore mod.

                  Hmm, that's what I can think of right now.
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                  • Last_Aeon

                    Last_Aeon Void-Bound Voyager

                    How do you get it i
                    N the first place?
                    • Snurtsnurgle

                      Snurtsnurgle Star Wrangler

                      Off and on until year 5/6 were I revved it up. I got it from fishing, and I was pretty sick of fishing when I was done with it. :facepalm:
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                      • Bonabopn

                        Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

                        I completed the museum, i had less trouble than most people c:
                        i've also crafted nearly every item, but i don't know which i haven't made yet.

                        more uncommonly, i planted 760 ancient fruit plants on spring 1 year 4 and got them all growing for the entire year c:
                        • Lilliput

                          Lilliput Supernova

                          I got the tea set from Haley on my third Winter Star holiday. What? I really wanted that tea set. -.-

                          Yeah, ok, I'm pretty pleased with my national park farm layout, where fully 2/3rds of the farm is nothing but trees and more trees.

                          I'm proud of the giant Fairy Rose garden I have in my greenhouse, it's a lovely thing.

                          I'm also proud that I didn't beat Alex to the ground the time he told me he threw away a pair of new shoes because of a stain and wouldn't donate them because 'he didn't want some stranger wearing his shoes'. Twitch, twitch.
                          • Gabaw

                            Gabaw Spaceman Spiff

                            Not running to catch the bus again after seeing the state of the farm for the first time :p
                            • B_Miller

                              B_Miller Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              For me, it was kicking ass in the Skull Caverns....and not dien' on level 2 . Of course it was nice to complete the museum and the CC. But this is the first PC game i've ever played (pause for reaction) and literally suck at the whole walking and clicking thing. So you can image it was pretty interesting for me to beat the regular mines, but with much luck i did it.

                              But the skull caverns, I was terrified to go down there. But here I am, going down almost daily just for the pure joy of it.
                              • MagicallyClueless

                                MagicallyClueless Master Astronaut

                                Achievement wise, I'm very proud of completing my fishing collection and having a hubby and two chittlins.

                                I still need a lot to do to perfect my farm though, and I have a lot to go with some other achievements... i haven't played in a while though since i don't want to burn myself out ;_;
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                                • deukahng

                                  deukahng Big Damn Hero

                                  That's fair. I first got this game during my spring break and I think I played for 10 days straight. o_O
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                                  • LuthienNightwolf

                                    LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                                    I've logged something like 240 hours on this game, I've even abandoned Minecraft in favor of it. They weren't kidding when they said addictive.
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                                    • deukahng

                                      deukahng Big Damn Hero

                                      I'm at...535 hours...there is no escape :zombie:

                                      Edit: 530. But I'm sure I'll get more in today. :chucklefish:

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                                      • SterlingC

                                        SterlingC 2.7182818284590...

                                        Getting a prismatic shard from the mines. I hadn't even visited Calico Desert yet! I knew the shard was a thing of beauty and a rarity. Good thing I saved it for the Calico Desert!
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                                        • Aurrelia

                                          Aurrelia Aquatic Astronaut

                                          Wow guys. I automatically put my void egg in the incubator, then once it grew into an adult then i had a few to do what I needed with. PLus put another in the incubator :) Mostly they've been for Seb and making me money.
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