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WIP Protigy magic mod-announcement

Discussion in 'Other' started by fooster, Dec 22, 2013.


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  1. fooster

    fooster Orbital Explorer

    First off, Protigy is supposed to be spelled like that.

    Welcome to the opening announcement of the Protigy Magic Mod! I am the co-creator, and self-proclaimed publicist, Henry. My friend max and I are adding a world of magic into Starbound. This will include the likes of potions, spells, magic weapons, enchanting, and magic tools. This mod has over 50 items and we're still adding more!

    One of the main features of this mod are the chromatic diamonds ( greendiamondicon.png ). These four new ores have special power infused within them. You use these ores, along with others, to craft most of the things in this mod, including:
    Fire sword.png
    The Eternal Flame
    Vial of mercury

    The gold fire pickax.

    If the mod becomes popular enough were going to make updates with new bosses, guns, throwable weapons, and such and so.

    Please comment and say your thoughts about the idea. Along with that, I've added a pole that would be amazing if you answered.

    Finally, here is a gif to entice your tingles

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