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    I'm not a forum guy. I make some posts, I'm here and there, but normally how it goes is that I only post when I feel I have something that I really think needs to get said; be that help, a question, a request, suggestion, or, as is the case here, credit where it's due.

    I heard about this game early morning today when I looked into the news of Wanderlust: Rebirth to see what the game had been up to. I pushed some links, found out a little bit, but didn't really seek out information until I jumped into Starbound's forums and found my way here.

    I clicked on General Discussion with intent to actually post 'What is Wanderlust: Adventures?" and see if I could get a run down but, what do you know, developers were on top of that already. Didn't even finish reading it and I was sold. Probably should go back and read it lol.

    However, before that I just wanted to say good on you guys. Finding that thread, named so clearly no less, was exactly what I was looking for and I just felt that, as long winded as this is, credit was due where it was due so props to you guys!
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      Welcome aboard the HYPE-TRAIN!
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        I'd rather post here than make another post for now. I look forward to seeing where this game goes. Wanderlust: Rebirth was a neat and interesting game but I think the way it was set up for playing through it felt limiting and odd. I just wasn't able to get into it despite finding the combat and gameplay quite interesting.

        I am looking forward to this more open-ended nature that is going into this. You will get a purchase out of me, regardless of how it goes. I just hope I will be able to dig into this one!
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          Chugga chugga, chugga chugga, WOOT WOOT! :3
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