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RELEASED Project 42 1.0.2

Wield blood to alter fate.

  1. Aikiro42

    Aikiro42 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Aikiro42 submitted a new mod:

    Project 42 - Wield blood to alter fate.

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  2. Aikiro42

    Aikiro42 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Weapon Features

    Reblade Mechanic
    • The weapon needs a blade before it can be used.
    • Reblading the weapon requires 10% health.
    • You cannot use the weapon at all if it is unbladed and your health is too low.
    • The passives still persist even without the blade.
    • Taking the weapon off your toolbar deblades it.

    Energy and Health Regeneration
    • You have a run speed boost (1.75x multiplier) and jump strength boost (1.5x multiplier) while wielding this weapon.
    • Holding the walk button significantly reduces fall damage (10% fall damage) and restores your energy (17.5% energy/s restored, bypasses energy lock) and health (5% health/s restored) over time. This passive only works when you are not currently using your weapon.

    Resource-based Damage
    • Your damage is linearly proportional to missing health. (2x damage at zero health). Your current power multiplier will be more visible over your head the lower your health is.
    • When you run out of energy, you deal more damage but are more vulnerable to damage yourself. (1.25x additional damage, 0.8x protection)

    • If you deal damage, you are healed 1% of your health.
    • Below a certain health threshold (30% health remaning): The lower your health, the stronger your lifesteal (10x lifesteal multiplier at minimum health).

    Combo Counter
    • Dealing damage increments your combo counter and adds 1% more damage per combo count to your primary attacks and Challenging Fate, multiplicative with all damage modifiers.
    • Unleashing Challenging Fate resets your combo counter.
    • The combo counter decays at 0.1s per combo.

    Primary Attack

    • Each swing consumes energy (5% energy consumed per swing).
      • You can still swing even if you run out of energy.
    • Attacks can parry attacks/reflect non-piercing projectiles.
      • Parrying starts from the windup phase. If you parry an attack before the actual slash, you immediately execute the attack.
      • Reflected projectiles ignore defense.
      • Reflected projectiles deal damage based on your max energy. (112.5% of max energy)
      • The amount of damage you can parry depends on your current energy. If you parry damage beyond the current energy you have, you lose all your energy.
    • The lower your health, the higher the chance to crit, up to a maximum of 30% crit chance at minimum health.
      • Critical strikes deal 1.3x the damage of a normal hit. The multiplier is multiplicative to all other damage sources.
    • Primary attacks first arrest your velocity by 80% then boost you a bit in the air depending on your vertical velocity and aim direction.
      • Specifically, the upwards velocity maintained for the duration of the swing is governed by the following formula:

        max(|<vertical velocity>|, <vertical velocity> + sin(<aim angle>) * 9)

      • The vertical velocity is maintained via the mcontroller.controlVelocity() function, with a given force of 1000. See the documentation for more details.
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  3. Aikiro42

    Aikiro42 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Weapon Abilities

    Denied Fate

    Tap/hold the toolbar left hand key while holding the walk key to hold a stance that automatically intercepts and counters incoming damage and automatically reflects incoming projectiles.
    • Holding the stance consumes 10% energy per second.
    • Intercepting damage during the duration the blade is shining (1.5 seconds) does not consume additional energy.
    • Otherwise, Denied Fate consumes energy every parry/reflection (100% energy consumed)
    • When you successfully intercept damage, Denied Fate's no-energy-cost time period is reset, allowing you to freely block (and reflect) rapid-fire attacks.
    • You are forced out of this stance when you are out of energy. You cannot use Denied Fate if your energy is locked.

    Rolling Guard

    Tap the walk key to fade out and become intangible while moving quickly towards one direction.
    • Become invulnerable for the duration of the dash. Invulnerability lingers for a short time after the dash. (0.15s + 0.1s invulnerability time)
    • Dash eliminates vertical momentum and maintains horizontal momentum gained from the dash after Dodging.
    • You can only dodge when you're idle, charging, or between attacks. You can't dodge while attacking or unleashing your abilities.
    • Dodging consumes energy in the same manner as regular attacks. (5% energy consumed on dodge)
    • Dodging cleanses you of common debuffs. This effect has an 8s cooldown.

    Challenging Fate

    Hold your toolbar left hand key to channel an attack (1s charging time) that throws the blade towards the direction of your aim. You cannot use this ability when you are out of energy.

    • Channeling begins to consume health over time (5% health degenerated per second) once the heavy attack is charged.
    • Channeling increases the damage of your direct heavy attack the longer you hold it. (Increased damage: 1.00 + (0.1 * seconds channeled))
    • Channeling maintains your combo duration.
    • If your health reaches 1% or below, the ability is automatically unleashed.

    • Unleashing launches a spinning blade towards your aim direction that punches through enemies and explodes when hitting terrain.
      • Unleashing consumes energy. (12.5% energy consumed on unleash)
      • The explosion(s) the projectile cause(s) inflict "Doomed" on enemies.
    • Unleashing it within 0.15s of fully charging multiplies the ability's damage by 2x.
      • If a "zan" character appears and the screen shakes strongly then you have perfectly unleashed Challenging Fate.
    • Unleashing de-blades your weapon.

    Fated Slash / Fated Flurry

    Tap and release your toolbar right hand key to do a damaging dash towards the indicated destination and slash in the direction of your travel upon arriving. Channel this ability (1s full channel time) to make you perform a flurry of slashes in a moderately large radius after arriving at your destination.
    • You are invincible during the dash.
    • The dash deals damage based on your max energy. This is affected by damage buffs. (7.5% of max energy)
    • Your momentum is reset upon arriving at your dash destination.
    • Fated Slash heals your health every hit (1% health restored on hit).
    • A fully channeled Fated Slash deals more damage (2x damage on full charge.) but consumes more energy. (50% energy consumed)
    • Activating the ability consumes energy. (20% energy consumed)
    • If the indicator is gray, you cannot travel to that location. If you unleash while the indicator is gray, you will simply unleash your skill in place.
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  4. Aikiro42

    Aikiro42 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Upgraded Features

    • Weapon tier increased to 6.
    • Reblading health cost reduced from 10% to 5%.

    Primary Attack
    • Combo limit is increased from 12 to 42.
    • Time it takes for a combo count to decay is increased from 0.1s to 0.2s.
    • Combo duration increased from 1s to 2s.
    • Energy scaling of reflected projectiles is increased from 12.5% to 25%.
    • Critical chance cap increased from 30% to 50%. Critical Multiplier increased from 1.3x to 1.5x.

    Denied Fate
    • Post-free-cost parrying energy cost decreased from 100% to 50%.
    • Channel rate energy cost per second reduced from 2% to 1%.

    Rolling Guard
    • Status Cleanse Cooldown is reduced from 8s to 7s.

    Challenging Fate
    • Enemies now explode when hit by the projectile the weapon launches.

    Fated Slash / Fated Flurry
    • Dash projectile ignores defense and causes an explosion on hit.
    • Quick slash energy cost is reduced from 20% to 10%.
    • Fated Slash dash energy scaling increased from 7.5% to 15%.
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  5. Junapi

    Junapi Aquatic Astronaut

    hola para que versión del juego es necesaria para el mod
  6. Aikiro42

    Aikiro42 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Translated via Google:

    Preferiblemente la última versión (actualización de cazarrecompensas), pero creo que generalmente funcionaría en versiones superiores a v1. Si no recuerdo mal, mi mod solo utiliza un par de efectos genéricos, partículas y proyectiles del juego base. No estoy seguro de cuál estaría ausente en versiones anteriores.

    (Preferably the latest version (bounty hunter update), but I think it would generally work in versions above v1? If I recall correctly my mod only utilizes a couple of generic effects, particles and projectiles from the base game. Not sure which would be absent in earlier versions.)
  7. Junapi

    Junapi Aquatic Astronaut

    gracias y espero muchos mas epicos mods como es
  8. Aikiro42

    Aikiro42 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Aikiro42 updated Project 42 with a new update entry:

    Denied Fate Hotfix

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  9. harimauputih

    harimauputih Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    It's labeled as 'overpowered', is it really that OP?
  10. Aikiro42

    Aikiro42 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    • The sword was not designed with generic Starbound gameplay and preparation in mind, but rather with fast-paced combat akin to that of Warframe (a horde shooter) and Katana Zero (a fast-paced platformer one-shot-one-kill game)
    • You'd typically go in Ancient Vaults or other endgame quests with a buncha healing items and probably damage buffers, but the sword gives passive health and energy regen, and some of its attacks (especially the upgraded variant's) ignore defense.
    • Projectiles that ignore defense actually deactivate Ancient Vault Bosses' invulnerability shield. If you can reflect any non-penetrating projectile they spawn back at them, you can effectively ignore the boss arena gimmicks that you need to get rid of their shield.
    • Denied Fate allows you to stand still and reflect damage for a relatively long period of time.
    • The sword's combo and abilities have little to no cooldown at all. You can effectively spam them.
    • Fated Slash allows you to bypass invisible blocks and skip entire parts of quests (idk how to fix that bug yet)
    • You can cancel fall damage with a mere swing of the sword.
    • The sword has a lot of multiplicative damage modifiers to its attacks and abilities. A regular attack can potentially deal almost 16x its base damage, and a perfectly timed heavy attack can deal about double that, not including the tier modifier of the weapon.
    I believe I suck at balancing so it's better to label my sword "overpowered" on the side of caution. Feedback on the weapon's balance is much appreciated.
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  11. mastaofdizasta

    mastaofdizasta Orbital Explorer

    Can You share the console code for Broken Memories, or where can I find it (i checked files tho.. and found code for Project 42 only - unless i missed something)?

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