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Bug/Issue Problems w/ Spouse running around farm

Discussion in 'Support' started by Candied Citrus, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Candied Citrus

    Candied Citrus Void-Bound Voyager

    So my game just updated this evening, and at first I thought it was really cool that your spouse now moves around the farm during the day.

    But then I started to encounter some problems with that. So, when my spouse runs around (I don't know if it matters whom you've married, but my character married Maru), they just bowl through walls and other objects (such as my iridium sprinkler), and break them. I'm really worried about that also happening with my trellis plants, so I've stopped playing for just now.

    This resulted in said iridium sprinkler disappearing, but also the fence around my barn being broken and my cows escaping.

    Also, Maru was walking through my fields on a Tuesday morning, when she suddenly disappeared (I assume because she was meant to be at the clinic).

    She also managed to get stuck on the cliff behind the shrine of your grandfather.

    Also related to the new update I assume, the name of one of my chickens changed (though, when I go into the save file, it doesn't say that it has?). They were originally called "Frisk", but when I checked whilst playing, it said they were "Frisks".
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    • pizza margherita

      pizza margherita Phantasmal Quasar

      About the chicken name, it's because the UI can act up when you press other buttons at the status screen and lets you rename them sometimes. You must've pressed S when it happened. It's annoying that it's hard to reproduce the bug.

      I've had Caboo the rabbit and Lilia the duck renamed as Caboosssss and Liliaaaaa...
      • Aemi

        Aemi Starship Captain

        Oh lord I thought I was the only one! I didnt realize there was an update and I opened a thread for my husband destroying my farm lol
        Is there anything we can do about this? Seb is going insane and my poor farm is suffering his marathon runner's wrath!
        • Candied Citrus

          Candied Citrus Void-Bound Voyager

          Ahhh... I see. And that's probably why it doesn't appear changed in the save file data, either (because I didn't play that day to completion). That is rather annoying.

          Might it be fixed, in that case, by loading up your save file data in Notepad and using Ctrl+F to find the names of your animals and editing them?

          Yeah, when it was happening to me, I looked to see if anyone else was having the problem, and decided to make a thread as I figured other people might encounter it.

          I have no idea if there is anything we can do... :/ Other than wait for a resolution to the problem coming about, I guess. Or, in the meantime, starting a new character, as then you won't have to worry about being married to anyone who can wreck your farm. :p
          • Eond

            Eond Space Hobo

            Probably related to the update, but my Spouse has gone missing. Can't seem to find Leah anywhere on the farm or in the house. I've looked where she would've been is we weren't married and didn't find her either. It was on Pam's birthday, tuesday 18 of Spring year 3. I also have a newborn child (about a couple days old). Will wait until next update before picking up the game again. T.T
            • orb_outrider

              orb_outrider Big Damn Hero

              Mine too. I lost a row of kegs and some sprinklers from Penny running around. Also, is it normal that spouses like walk twice the usual speed now?
              • Lanx12

                Lanx12 Ketchup Robot

                Its alright my firend I know your pain...Penny did the same thing to me T.T Now I'm stuck with out a wife...
                • pizza margherita

                  pizza margherita Phantasmal Quasar

                  Never thought of doing that, thank you!

                  Edit: Just found about this! So it wasn't a bug, haha.
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                  • Candied Citrus

                    Candied Citrus Void-Bound Voyager

                    I found that happened to me, too. Your spouse can get stuck up on the cliff certainly at the top of the farm (certainly I saw Maru stuck there and she wouldn't/couldn't move), so I get the feeling that's what happens when they disappear...?

                    You're very welcome! I hope it works for you! :)
                    • aerinha

                      aerinha Space Hobo

                      I just started having this problem after the update yesterday. Harvey runs very fast, lurks in weird corners of the house, and when I go outside he appears stuck in the cliff behind the greenhouse or above Grandpa's Shrine.

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