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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by EeDee55, Apr 28, 2020.

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    I'm having a little problem with my mods atm. When i beam down to the planet, the game "softcrashes" back to my ship due to error of spawning monster on the planet.

    I've tried to uninstall mods which adds more monsters & -parts, but no luck with that either. My .log file shows that the main reason why it softcrashes is that the game tries to spawn monster type named "supbar".

    Here's the pastebin link of my .log file:
  2. bk3k

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    Actually that's the cause - rather than solution to - the problem you speak of. The world was generated already, and that includes monsters. You removed the mod that added that monster. Now "supbar" is undefined. The engine cannot spawn a monster that isn't defined. So the world cannot be used. This is the issue with mods that add to generation - you cannot just randomly remove them without consequences like this. So you have a choice to make now.
    1. Reinstall the mods in question. I think that monster would be Sup's monster mod (outdated) or Sup's Combat Overhaul mod.
    2. Go fly to another planet. That could be a planet generated prior to installing that mod, or you could pan over in the navigation to planets that haven't generated yet. Without the mod(s), the generation of course won't include them.
  3. EeDee55

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    This problem started BEFORE i was trying to fix it by removing mods from my collection.

    But yeah, i do have Sup's Monster Parts installed, so i guess it's the one which causes this problem.
    I'm gonna try both of these tips, let's hope these will work.
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    may i know if you have this problem of yours resolved? bc i have the same problem and i didnt uninstall any mods from the save file's start to begin with

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