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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MacMakoShark, Nov 1, 2018.

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    This is a very small suggestion, but I think it would be rad to see little events in game when pride month rolls around. Maybe if you have a same sex partner you can display a little pride flag on your farm, or maybe if you're single you can pick from a few different pride things to display (or maybe your outfit changes colour?) There could also be a sort of little parade maybe, just for a specific day in the month where everything's decked out in support?
    Im sure someone can mod this in just the same, but this is a fairly easy to implement thing and could be something cute and a chance to show support. Its already amazing that you can marry same sex in this game since a lot of games like this just...dont let you, which is a stinking shame, but I think having little pride homages would be great.

    To step further off this idea in general gameplay, maybe adding some farmer specific events would be neat! Im not sure what coding would go into this, but maybe having a touching moment with villagers you have a certain amount of heart with someone would be nice. The player could be asked some specific questions when the boot up, and when certain requirements are met they could be prompted to share something with a villager (like coming out, maybe a parent death, talking about grandpa) Its not really necessary, but I think it would be cool
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    • Ainzoal

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      No. Just no
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      • MacMakoShark

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        I apologize but this is a suggestion; if you do not like my suggestion, there is simple answer to how to respond. Dont.
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          Let me get this straight - you made a suggestion on a public forum, and when someone gave their opinion on said Public forum you are essentially saying, "If you disagree with me you're not allowed to give an opinion".

          I know we're currently in a social climate where people having free speech and having their own opinions isn't POPULAR, but -w o w-. I mean if the dissenting opinion was rude, sure, I'll agree on the 'no if you can't be civil don't bother responding' note, but they weren't being uncivil. 'No' is not rude.

          And on that note, I'm actually going to agree with them. This actually isn't a good idea, and not specifically because 'gay pride' stuff; unless you're a game developer, you don't know how much work would be needed for original dev to add that into a game, and if you are a game developer you can probably mod it in yourself, or find someone who agrees with you to mod it in. It's a slippery slope because you're raising a request for gay pride events (which you yourself admit is unnecessary, it's just something you want), but if dev did that, why just gay pride? Why not Straight pride? Why not black/your nationality here pride? Why not Trans pride? Why not singles (for straight, trans, gay, etc. people) pride? Why stop there, why not throw in other holidays, election BS (Let's face it, the mayor is scum). That is a slippery slope no one wants.

          He'd have to code EVERYTHING because -Equality- matters, not just one specific community. That's a lot of work even if it was just a few extra lines of code, I'd think. My suggestion, because as mentioned before this is a public forum and ANYONE can give their opinion, as long as they're civil about it, is to find a modder and have them add it in instead of making it part of the main game. Not everyone wants pride events/political/family death/loss/etc events events in the games when it was started as just a friendly little farming game. (And before anyone cries 'homophobia/transphobia/eventphobia' Just. No. Stop it.)

          That being said if a modder likes the idea, and I'm sure there is someone out there who probably does, go for it, mod to your little heart's content~! Personally I'd just be happy with being able to get rid of that stupid cradle that takes up room in my nice house.
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          • MacMakoShark

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            I should have worded my previous response differently, and I apologise for seeming like an individual who can't take disagreement. I said that comment as I viewed their response as unneeded as they did not explain why they thought the way they did, it was three words, and it came off as rude to me personally. I apologise for wording things improperly
            I enjoy that your comment goes into why you disaggreed, and I see the points that you make. I don't know exactly what coding would go into things that are larger. The last two were meant to be expansions of a smaller, more manageable idea in case someone wanted to ( I also tagged this in mod suggestions)go that way or expand upon it. While it's also an arguably sweet idea, people would probably bring too much politics in something that is supposed to be a fun small thing.
            That being said, adding something small that players can choose to do like putting up a banner in their house would not be harmful, or really harm anyone else. People can choose not to do it, and peoole who just want to go about normally can with no problem. That was my main suggestion, and I do not see the harm including something tiny like that for pride. I originally suggested this as I saw someone's game was themed for Halloween, and I thought it be a cute addition to yearly events that some people could enjoy and opt into.
            The other two things were just add on that would be neat to see , but I do understsand that not everyone really cares about that sort of aspects of story or events and stuff, and I totally get that. I just like bouncing ideas around.
            Thanks for your comment though, I enjoy seeing other people's thoughts , even if it counteracts my own. Again, I apologise for the misunderstanding. Bitterness can effect the best of people at time, and arguably I was bitter and unneeded.
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            • Zosa

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              ....the reply was not rude though? also they said nothing about making concerned ape do the work just that it would be nice to have. you are being unnecessarily aggressive and defensive for no reason there. i think the idea of more events is a grand idea and would be happy to see more calendar events to spice up the year

              by the by, please don't do the whole "why not straight pride" thing. that is generally the mark of people with no concept of hardship and bigots who enjoy the suffering of people who are not like them and it would be best for everyone if that sort of obfuscating isn't in the thread. regardless of your opinion about non-straight persons you really oughtn't align yourself with such dangerous and backwards ideas
              • Doomkitton

                Doomkitton Void-Bound Voyager

                Alas I was at work so couldn't respond properly until now! Butit's honestly no big deal, it's hard to read context and the clarification is appreciated. I personally don't think people need to explain themselves, if they say no, I just move on, but I do understand that you or anyone else might. But I also like to tell people why I think things don't work because I also like to toss ideas and help people resolve stuff. No need to apologize, it's just a misunderstanding and you responded really nicely so I do appreciate that :D Hope things work out on your end!

                Your assumptions are -embarrassingly- laughably WILDLY inaccurate. Which makes sense since you know nothing about me. Still hilarious how wrong you are though.

                I wasn't being defensive or aggressive in the least, but as I mentioned to OP, context is hard to read on the internet. That being said the OP was also way more polite than you are in their clarification, so allow ME to clarify even though I normally don't waste my time with such. I responded to them because they misspoke and made it sound like they were telling someone they aren't allowed to respoond with their own opinion is pretty rude in my opinion. But the original poster already explained, far more civilly than you I might add, with your BS assumptions.

                I admit I did originally think the OP was talking about CA when they were talking about adding stuff, and then they added finding a modder afterwards, so If I read them wrong my apology is to MacMakoShark alone. Yet you jumped in with your own aggressive and defensive response which was utterly unnecessary. By all means, continue assuming in your ignorance, but in the interest of keeping the thread on track in case someone wants to actually contribute something helpful to the OP, I'll be ignoring you.

                (edited because I don't need to lower myself to your level)
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                • Zosa

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                  you are on a public forum. the words you use are the way in which you are interpreted. you spoke aggressively and defensively and it made you look aggressive and defensive. you are speaking aggressively now and it gives the same impression(though instead of defensive this is more awkwardly deprecating). you've only shown yourself to be the sort that does exactly what you claim to be "wildly inaccurate" as of so far so better luck next time, yeah?

                  (also, you already lowered yourself by replying in the first place, it is a bit late now to pretend otherwise)
                  • Roskii Heiral

                    Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

                    I'd prefer not to include "real" events in the game in any form. The game is an escape for me, thanks.
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                    • UnexpectedParole

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                      I thought the flower dance was a Pride Event where a same sex couple could dance together with no judgement.
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                      • User228228

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                        I am very sorry to explain this to you, but I have to, so... You're forgetting that Pelican town is a very small community (most of the gays are in closet) so there are no pride events, however, with Joja corporation© we can transform the Pelican town into a big city! Promote cultural enrichment and equality (also obesity acceptance, hate when people are ashamed of themselves for just drinking a nice, DIET Joja cola™) AND YOU CAN HELP US!!! buy a Joja membership© AT A NICE 50% OFF SALE!!!

                        Warm regards,
                        Joja corporation©


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                        • Kurachi84

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                          i'll explain before my answer comes up: i'm NOT vagainst gay or bi people, or against some event they organize....
                          but they made a huge problem out of something in reallife, which should have been toned down a lot from the start

                          gay people having their parties, no problem, but do it together, no need for huge events
                          i know gay and bi people are being bullied, but so was i, the straight boy (back then i was a boy)

                          this kind of event should happen in 1 place, not all over the place, be it for gay/bi people or straight people.... unless it's for all people, like say christmas and such, which are NOT based on genders and such

                          to put this in a game (unless it's a mod), makes people being annoyed about it even more, as the Pride events are being shared everywhere, and many go too far with "look, i'm gay/bi"
                          again, i have nothing against people being gay or bi or straight or none of the above, but don't make it so big, that people HAVE to see it all the time

                          now making it ingame.... we are playing games to do something to enjoy, and escaping reallife, into a big fake, but peaceful world
                          it's already no problem to have the player go with someone with same gender, so i see no problem, and thus no reason to fix a non-existing problem

                          if you had put this into the mod suggestion section, i'd not go against it, as many mods are not my thing, and the same would count for that one

                          also, to say someone shouldn't give their opinion about a suggestion on a public area like forums and such, is a real bad and not very smart idea
                          if noone says "no", the developers don't know whether or not people like or dislike something, and that counts for any game, making games just out of suggestions with some "yes" answers
                          "should we change this and that completely?" many people not wanting it, but noone says no, so it happens, and the game loses lots of fans

                          if you cannot handle criticism, don't make suggestions, as those will have several people saying "no"

                          ps. if anyone still thinks i'm against gay parties and such, i'm not, just if they do it together, and don't flood the internet or reallife with it
                          and i have several gay people in the family, which i always accepted (plus the one gay guy i knew i could laugh a lot with), and never looked down onto, but these days people took it too far
                          have your fun, but keep it private, since it only targets only a group of people
                          in reallife, invite people to gay parties, in the game, invite friends on a server with such mod, when it's made (which i'm NOT opposed to)

                          1 more note: did you know many gay people say "it's so overblown, it's no fun anymore, they should stop it"?
                          so try the mod section to suggest such mod, and hope for the best, just like you'd do with all mod suggestions you like
                          • Zosa

                            Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                            unless you have been threatened with death for liking girls i am pretty sure you don't have a leg to stand on with this weak analogy, you also seem to not understand the purpose of a pride parade which is basically a public stand against systematic abuse and harm by the wider populous by assuring everyone that the abusers have not crushed the spirit of those they abused(at least collectively) in a positive and fun manner, do also note that participation is NOT mandatory and you are not being forced to go(and would not be forced to mod your game if you are not into the idea of having it in your game). to be fair though your argument is to not allow anyone having something you don't personally want for yourself so i suppose that statement is going to fall on deaf ears

                            by the by, if you have to start and end your comment with promises that you aren't actually against the thing you spent the body of your statement railing against then surely you understand that there is very little chance anyone would believe you weren't against the thing(in this case gay persons and gay-themed parties)? next you should talk about how you actually really do like cats while explaining how drowning kittens is an ideal way to deal with overbreeding in your local cat population. it will come of about as sincere
                            • Kurachi84

                              Kurachi84 Cosmic Narwhal

                              oh boy.... many people are being threatened for different reasons
                              i do NOT say i'm against gay people having their own party, but it's overblown the way they do it nowadays
                              i'm against the extreme way of showing that you'd be gay, which those huge events do
                              you make drama out of criticism on something that's just overblown, while they could've done it in a nicer manner, just together

                              you see, showing everyone that you are gay by completely exposing yourself, and complain about non-gay people, and spamming the internet with video's and whatnot JUST because you are gay, is gonna create hate from people, who'll think "oh man, here too?"

                              you are now overblowing this opinion i gave you
                              the "look people, i'm gay" in an overdone gay way attitude makes people hate gay people
                              if it was something else, people would hate that, instead

                              i get that gay people are being abused, but to annoy people by overdoing it, makes it much worse

                              Zosa, all you are doing now, is telling me what i say or think, while i know that best myself, don't i?
                              i was bullied for being too nice as as kid, i wouldn't fight back, and when the one who bullied me got his butt kicked, i felt sorry for him

                              "your argument is to not allow anyone having something you don't personally want for yourself"
                              read my post again, and read the part that i would NOT care if it's a mod that people can download and use
                              in other words, i DO allow people to have what they want

                              don't twist my words completely, because now you make me sound way different from what i originally said
                              this kind of attitude you are showing, is also why people will dislike you... or worse, if you keep going the ay you do

                              want it to stop? don't twist someone's words so much <-- easy solution

                              ps. may i point you out that you just accused me of hating or not caring about gay people?
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                              • Roskii Heiral

                                Roskii Heiral Heliosphere


                                I would suggest trying to rationalize your reasons less here; you are not on trial and some people will only use what you say against you reguardless of the diplomatic spirit in which it is written.


                                No one here wants to drown anyone, I'd suggest using less hyperbolic examples if you want to be taken seriously.

                                That is actually a really great point, and I like this method of using what we already have in game to represent our own interpretations. +20 thumbs up =3
                                • Kurachi84

                                  Kurachi84 Cosmic Narwhal

                                  i guess you are right, i'll quit and enjoy the game again, i made my point, and it's for others to understand it or not
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                                  • Zosa

                                    Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                                    well it was hyperbole so being hyperbolic is sort of the point, expressing a situation that people will find unpleasant(torturing baby animals to death for which we have such a history of documentation that it has become a common phrase in some euro languages) makes it more digestible than a lateral comparison(which would be more on line with simply hitting kittens for mewling or forcing them to stay by themselves out of sight when they plead for companionship) which some people would find to be an ok thing to do to a cat or else would not believe that anyone would do and so would discard on it's face

                                    indirect threats are still threats and implying someone is guaranteed violence if they are non-compliment is inappropriate
                                    • Roskii Heiral

                                      Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

                                      That's awesome. One thing I always try to point out about this game specifically is that its very easy to make your own "headcannon" of events. While the story is great, it does leave quite a bit vague to promote you "writing" your own story within. That's why I appreciated parole's addition to the thread. It seemed the most "in spirit" to the vanilla experience.

                                      Also wow, zosa is still trying to bait you further.... bad form...
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                                      • SleepySquidd

                                        SleepySquidd Tragically Magic Hands

                                        Being bullied as a kid is different than being bullied for something out of your control, and pride parades don't make it worse than it is. LGBT people have only a few days a year where they can really be open and celebrate themselves, who cares if its over the top? If you don't like it, don't go. Use the same logic for this mod, if you don't like it then don't download it or come onto the thread. Responses like "no, just no" are not constructive and all they do is show your prejudices out in the open.

                                        Stop engaging in these confrontational debates, I don't wanna have to read through entire threads about this kind of stuff, so be nice to each other.
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                                        • Kurachi84

                                          Kurachi84 Cosmic Narwhal

                                          it's not the parades make it worse, but the way they do it nowadays does

                                          and being bullied is still being bullied, right?
                                          i already quit some time ago, and i already said i don't mind a mod with this, but for evryone to have a forced event like that (media-played) is what i don't like

                                          read my other comments well, and you see i DID say i don't mind it being a mod

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