Possible to make a tool summoner?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by RoseyaBerry478, May 25, 2018.

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    like if someone puts away some tools for storm days or Winter. Set up maybe too many chests to find and use quickly before the day is wasted on finding that tool. I wasted Easter fest morning, jumbled to find the watering can and milk bucket. it could be an additional item to be powered to soar to the player.
    It would possibly help some players if they forget their
    pickaxe at home like I had to just summon up to me.
    It could part of a Glint's upgrade like Inuyasha's sword that it had his tooth to fix that sword. The player would have get a special requirement material like a tooth or something more suited for tools than a sword if we're just focusing on tools first.
    On that, there could be new sword item with that power as well for the player. The wizard would be great for that too or team effort of both the wizard and Glint I would think Glint wouldn't be in of ancient tool smelting in that way, whatever it makes them.
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      Summoning items or being able to pull an item out of a chest that is across the map, I think goes against the basic play of the game which is in large part time management and planning. However I would like the ability to craft saddle bags for the horse, where you could effectively do the same (assuming you have a horse and saddlebags) but still within the basic style of the game

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