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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by DarkDXZ, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. DarkDXZ

    DarkDXZ Phantasmal Quasar

    It's no secret that now TomServo's Poptop has won the Monster Monster Contest and we will be able to see the cute beast in-game!
    In this place, all fanart related directly to Poptops can be posted.
    Whether it'd be 3D animation, your own poptop variation or "Poptops: The Movie" - it all can go in here.
    For those who don't know how to start, here's a "reference sprite" for you all.
    Yin and Yang Poptops. (Popyin and Topyang, if you will)
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  2. ViewedCloth

    ViewedCloth Zeromus

    "Oh, your monster didn't win the contest?"

  3. My first post, let it be poptop fanart. It's the thing that brought me to this site, after all.
  4. DarkDXZ

    DarkDXZ Phantasmal Quasar

    I suppose a simple "Hi." would be enough of a welcome...
    Nevertheless, welcome to the forums.
  5. Argh don't know if its proper to respond here, but thank you. <:V
  6. Yen

    Yen Big Damn Hero

    Ymedron! Welllcome!

    Also that is spiffin Poptoppyness...they're scary D:...sort of :rofl: still want one as a pet!
  7. But I thought I was drawing them cute... FOILED AGAIN. and should stop spamming this thread unless more pictures.

    In fact.
    Have some poptops to make this post not entirely a waste of time!

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  8. Ghostar

    Ghostar Steakeater

    Aww I just want to hug them! <3
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  9. thefluvirus

    thefluvirus Contributor

    Made a little Poptop pixel animabob:
    poptop animo full size 3.gif
  10. Yen

    Yen Big Damn Hero

    omg flu. It's like a portal to happytimes :D

    Your animating is <3
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  11. Yttsae

    Yttsae Request for Urgent Business Relationship

    Is it trying to get peanut butter out of its teeth?

    Still awesome.

    Also Ymedron that is brilliant and creepy. Welcome to the forums.
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  12. shadowcrazy

    shadowcrazy Phantasmal Quasar

    such an incredible piece of art I really like it and these monsters look pretty badass
  13. Every Human

    Every Human Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    these are sooooooo ................................................. awesome:rofl:
  14. Toakongu834

    Toakongu834 Big Damn Hero

    Its a Poptop ambush!!!! :D
  15. Here's my doodle
    Poptop trouble.jpg
    «'Ere he ish, Onē-chan!»
  16. DarkDXZ

    DarkDXZ Phantasmal Quasar

    I bet that baby poptop is like: "Daddy, daddy! Big human shakes my sister!"
    Or something...
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  17. Bamseper

    Bamseper Ketchup Robot

    Those are good :O Make more people, MOAR!
  18. Toakongu834

    Toakongu834 Big Damn Hero

    Now this one I was doodling in class... just for fun, but its time for the poptops to train if they want to fight against them darn throgs :D
  19. ¯¯¯¯¯\
    ||\o o/||
    | \ / \ / |
  20. More doodles
    Poptop trouble02.jpg
    " Here's the 'specimen' you wanted, Doc..."
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