[Poll] Your favorite spouse (male)

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Who is your favorite marriage candidate?

  1. Alex

    26 vote(s)
  2. Elliott

    41 vote(s)
  3. Harvey

    34 vote(s)
  4. Sam

    15 vote(s)
  5. Sebastian

    75 vote(s)
  6. Shane

    66 vote(s)
  1. Rauchschwalbe

    Rauchschwalbe Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    At first I was really into Sebastian, but after marrying him he used to spend half of the week in front of his "case" wanting frozen pizza. He didn`t do much beside this, I guess I had just really bad luck with hm in this playthrough.
    In my current file I spend a lot of time just "dating" the bachelors and bachelorettes (the bachelorettes mostly because I want 10 hearts with them). First I wanted to marry Alex but he never really got out of his shallow behaviour except for one or two dialogues. So right now I am flirting a bit with Elliott, but if he doesn`t use magic, I will end up with Sam. He has a positive character (unlike me, I tend to see the worst in a lot of things) and is just.....yeah,normal. Ironically that`s what I want most and never really get, so I guess SDV has to give me a piece of that.
    • Dancy123

      Dancy123 Tentacle Wrangler

      Haha I had to come on here to vote for Sam too... not sure why he isn't getting as much "love" but he was really the only nice soul when I moved to the "valley"... <bunch of snobs> :) (Flower Dance festival anyone?
      Although he did agree/call me out too quickly on that broken egg incident....

      *I don't get on forums enough apparently so I can't quote the other poster above who picked Sam but I agree with what she said. Also the peeler bead/pixel thing is awesome - I have a bunch of those and hadn't thought to make any Stardew Valley stuff but I think I'm going to have to put them to good use! :)
      • Sindrawolf

        Sindrawolf Big Damn Hero

        Sam is definitely nice, but i think he falls into the same hole Emily does where it feels more like a friendship than a relationship. Not that I've married either of them just basing that on what I hear.
        • Little Lea

          Little Lea Big Damn Hero

          When I first saw my options, I thought Elliott was sure to win my affections being a fellow writer. But the more I played, the more I've grown to like Harvey. Has he saved my butt in the mines one too many times? Possibly. Since 1.1, however...I'm not saying I'm ON the Shane Train; it's more like I'm waving and running along side as it goes by...and maybe secretly wanting to be on board. Pathos, I curse thee. >.>

          Sometimes I feel like I'm going to need to make 13 save files. One for each marriage candidate. And one forever alone.
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          • Chruschtschow

            Chruschtschow Void-Bound Voyager

            Most bachelors don't really appeal to me. And one is pretty disgusting. So let me tell about them from the point of view of farmer Ophelia, my current in-game alter ego.

            Sam and Alex - Well, I was an office worker for Joja for quite some time. At least long enough to have a breakdown and throw my old life away. I'm not twenty years old anymore. Some people might call me a "Cougar", yet I'd feel like a craddle robber, if I'd go for one of those little boys.

            Sebastian - Mr. Pseudo James Dean who's tied to computers and pizza? Won't happen. Ever. He is far too self-absorbed in his "Look, I'm a special dark and moody snowflake" habit.

            Elliot - Fabio with a pen? He'll probably become the male E. L. James. No way.

            Shane - “If I don't order a cold one now and then, Gus will go out of business. I'm just doing my civic duty. I'll head home around 10.” So we have an alcoholic, who sticks to drinking after marriage. Sorry, the step from "married to an alcoholic" to "married to an abusive alcoholic" is far too small. Should he touch me, I'll grab my Galaxy Hammer and crack some eggs. Shane train? I'll take him to the station. He can decide to leave with the next train or just wait on the tracks. No loss for Stardew Valley, either way.

            Harvey - Now we are talking. You couldn't become a pilot, so you went to university and got your MD?!? Ok, this guy needs a good load of self-esteem. But he's nice, intelligent and not a kid anymore. And a doctor! Mum and Dad will love him! Unless Daddy frightens him away with some "Don't hurt my little girl"-talk. Hey, Dad, I'm dungeon-delving at least twice a week. There's no person within a few dozen miles who has any competence at all to hurt your little girl.

            I'm on the Harvey train!
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            • Sindrawolf

              Sindrawolf Big Damn Hero


              Btw did you get the name Ophelia from Hamlet or something else. I never liked Ophelia...
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              • Chruschtschow

                Chruschtschow Void-Bound Voyager

                Yes, that's the one though my Ophelia might be more rough around the edges and swear a little both to Daddy and Hamlet, when seated between the chairs. ;)

                I think the male cast is weak. I'm far more fond of the bachelorettes. They feel more self-reliant and stronger. And Harvey is cool. He even fights down his fear of heights for you.
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                • Pazzie

                  Pazzie Space Spelunker

                  I like Sam best as he loves playing video games. That's enough for me to like him enough.
                  • joykiller91

                    joykiller91 Astral Cartographer

                    LOL at the "Cougar" X) ^^ I try not to think about my farmer age because I like Alex.
                    Was disappointed with Shane's development..*sigh* such a liar.

                    I picked Sebby because I can relate to him...and his portrait is the one I like the most (except for the hair)...or maybe because I'm using and switching Einari/DCburger's portraits..hmmm.
                    But if we aren't talking vanilla.. since I'm going to be using edited dialogues anyway... I'm going to pick...Sebby still hahah. But I'd marry and divorce the others first. Hurrah or divorce!!
                    • GoldenWulwa

                      GoldenWulwa Space Hobo

                      Dr. Harvey hnnnnngh

                      Intelligence, sweet, loyal. I also like older men. That doctor pay ain't bad either.
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                      • springacres

                        springacres Phantasmal Quasar

                        This isn't the place for a Shane character dissection, so I'll just say I can see where @Chruschtschow and @joykiller91 are coming from but that I feel like he's at least TRYING to cut back and to deal with his depression. (Admittedly, I did tweak his dialogue to make that clearer in my games, but I got that vibe even from vanilla.)

                        100% agree with you two as far as Sam and Alex though. Too young for me, plus Alex still gives me the "town bully" vibe even though he apologized for his previous behavior.
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                        • Dancy123

                          Dancy123 Tentacle Wrangler

                          I kinda feel like most of the bachelors in this game would be too young for me (or my character) with the exception of Harvey and Elliot so I just imagine that they are older, my character is younger, etc. It works lol...

                          (married Sam)

                          I didn't go through all the heart events with everyone with the exception of the first one or two, (can I even do that now that I'm married?) but I still like him better than anyone else... :D.

                          Sebastian - cute but not my style lol (I know Sam and him are supposed to be sort of the same age but I'm feeling' like he's too young, I think cause I get a like 80's thing in my head with Sam (like Zach Morris meets lost boys thing haha dont judge me) but Sebastians too new-edgy-after my time cause I'm too old to understand thing).
                          And he is too down.

                          Alex - this is who I thought I'd go after until he opened his mouth... movin' on...

                          Elliot - I like his personality, but again not my thing - that Fabio hair...

                          Harvey - this was a possibility, like the smart/nerdy thing but still not quite right...

                          Shane - Pushed me away too badly to get to know him better - and what is with the fact that he is so rude to me in public BUT sends me the nicest letters (dare I say secret admirer letters) in the mail with better snacks than my spouse gives me... don't tell anyone >.>

                          Did I miss anyone?
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                          • springacres

                            springacres Phantasmal Quasar

                            @Dancy123 those letters plus Shane's 2 heart scene were what convinced me to persevere with him. I think it's because I'm similarly shy when I meet people socially, whereas if I'm not actually talking to them face-to-face it's much easier for me. I can see how it would feel weird/creepy, though.

                            I also get the 80s vibe in my head with Sam, lol. I think it's the skateboard and jacket. But he seems so young to me that it's more like a wanna-be 80s vibe.
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                            • abizoey

                              abizoey Poptop Tamer

                              I absolutely love Shane. Some of his heart events actually made me cry a little bit (sad, I know) because I'm a recovering alcoholic myself at the moment and have struggled with depression pretty much my whole life. He's such a well-written character and it just got me all emotional. I'll definitely marry him if I start a second save file, but I'm not divorcing Abby. I think in the end I was just too gay to marry a man, even in a game!
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                              • Viliv

                                Viliv Orbital Explorer

                                I also love Shane, he is such a sweet guy, but I don't want to marry him. I feel compasion for him and I am afraid that I will spontaneously propose :p Great thing about the Stardew Valley is that you can marry to both sexes so I still have a lot of time to decide ^^" Anyway I want to have 10-stars events with everyone before I choose! :D
                                • dwuff

                                  dwuff Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  I will probably never have a farmer marry Sam, Sebastain or Alex. They are all still little boys to me and I find the idea of marrying them so immensely off putting it's not even funny.

                                  Harvey is a good pick, he's smart and sweet and clearly he has what it takes to make it through 7+ years of medical school and start his own practice. Not a fan of the stache though, I say go big or go home. Gimme a face forest or nothing at all.

                                  Elliott is a huge ham but at least he is older and has tried to make his own path in life (and I love long hair on men, my irl husband's hair is halfway down to his back and it is glorious, he looks like a viking. Here are some pics of our wedding from last year if you are curious!). He also has some very romantic spouse dialogue.

                                  For all his faults, Shane is by far the most realistic spouse in game. I hate that he refers to himself as being old and weak though, I keep thinking "dude please we are probably the same age irl, don't be rude" In fact, he might be younger than me, canonically. >_> But he has the most depth, even if the depth is sometimes not nice to look at. He is vulnerable and lovable. And his adoration for chickens makes the farm a great place for him to live.

                                  All that being said... I feel like the most ready-for-marriage person, who brings the most to the emotional table is Leah. She seems the most fulfilled in herself, least in need of rescuing. She's adventurous and charming. She took a chance on happiness by moving to a new town and pursuing her career as an artist, despite previous hardships. As an artist myself, I know what a huge deal it is to be able to have your own place where you make art, and to make it work. She has a great career ahead of her and marrying the farmer doesn't "rescue" her so much as provide support to an already functional career. I know this thread is about male spouses but I had to add this!

                                  I wouldn't marry any of the dudes in this game irl. If there was a male version of Leah (Eleah??) I might marry him. Honestly though I spent so much time dating the wrong people and finally finding a good one and building a life with him that the idea of picking out a new life partner at this point just makes me tired! :rofl:
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                                  • Yoseiri

                                    Yoseiri Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    The Wizard, 9000000000/10 would marry him again
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                                    • Yoseiri

                                      Yoseiri Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      Also does mod count? If it's don't then sorry for breaking the rule
                                      • swdtadpole

                                        swdtadpole Space Spelunker

                                        I married Sebastian on my second playthrough and... I'm really, really missing Elliot. Half the time, Sebastian is off having 'me' time. And a good quarter of the time, he's talking about frozen pizza.

                                        I don't mind Sebastian going off on his own, but there's going off and then there's "barely ever home." Which really started bugging me after the first kid. Especially when the majority of the dialogue about our kid is him hinting that I should bathe him. He barely ever talks about his work, even though he seemed to enjoy it before. Maybe I'm just unlucky with the spouse interactions with him.

                                        Elliot, on the other hand, talks about writing quite a bit. If you see beyond the flowery ways he says things, he's really quite sweet. He keeps his sense of wonder (it was crabs before, not it's butterflies). He keeps up with his occupation and dreams - not just becoming a trophy husband relying on my salary. And he stays interested in me where a lot of Sebastian's interactions seem to be an after thought of "... but I still love you!"

                                        IDK. I maybe should've stuck with Shane as my intended spouse, but I read a lot about how he kind of lapses back into his old habits. And I wanted him to stay happy.
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                                        • SophieC1981

                                          SophieC1981 Space Hobo

                                          I prefer Elliot he's sweet, nice and romantic. I prefer a man like him, cause he works at home and and helps you. Sebastian is a bit weird, Shane an alcoholic, sam, too young, Alex, misunderstood, Harvey, not my kind. Is that all ?

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