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    Kokkimegas levias ("Red Leviathan")
    Gillian waters aren't the only ones to fear. The Blood Sea of Goldoa is ruled by Plesiax, devourer of sea vessels.

    Plesiax's most notable feature is the two fins protruding from its upper and lower jaws. These are used for steering and balance while swimming, folding when the beast wishes to reduce drag when in pursuit of prey. Its mouth is lined with conical teeth, which while not great for tearing chunks of flesh off, is perfect for gripping onto prey. One of Plesiax's hunting habits is in fact grabbing hold of shoreline animals and dragging them to their doom in the water. There have been cases where creatures are too large to be dragged into the water (See Trinoceras). As a result, the attacking Plesiax makes a tactical retreat back into the water to avoid unnecessary injuries. Apart from terrestrial prey, Plesiax feeds on the majority of marine life underwater. Its sheer size and ferocity leave it as the apex predator of the seas of Goldoa.

    Unlike most Goldoan fauna, Plesiax lacks the ability to produce fire. However, it has its own natural substitute. Within Plesiax's throat lies a 'flood sac', a special organ used for the storage of water. When truly threatened, Plesiax fires all excess water from its throat sac in a highly pressurized beam. The power of this water gun has enough force to knock an aircraft out of the skies. One shot will completely empty the sac, forcing the Plesiax to 'reload' if it wishes to attack again with it. The huge surplus of water in its environment, however, ensures that the Plesiax will never run out of ammunition.

    Relationships between Dragoknights and Plesiax are bitter when at sea. Plesiax attack Dragoknight ships daily, causing delays in cargo deliveries as well as lost supplies. Hunts for these massive sea serpents are issued in retaliation. Curving the population has its benefits as well, however. Plesiax meat is high in fat, and is a delectable meal when prepared properly. The tails in particular are delicacies, often fried and prepared in a way reminiscent of Hyotl culture. When killed, the jaw fins of a Plesiax harden in place, allowing them to be used for weaponry and other practical uses (like sails).

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  2. muxaun

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    This one looks like a result of random monster generator.
  3. Nirn

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    thats bad ass
  4. Your imagination is only surpassed by your talent, my good sir. :proper:
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  5. GunmanRex

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    This is pretty cool. Reminds me of that nice ol' red gyarados all the way back from Generation II.
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  6. ChaoticGamer

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    necro again, hey it look like almost the dragon fish in tailand...the statue version.
  7. Shade Final

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    I could just imagine the sound these monsters would make *gets a chill down spine*
  8. Zoolot

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    Reminds me of the shiny gyrarados in silver and gold!
  9. DeadlyLuvdisc

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    I sure hope they can't hip check.
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  10. Forever

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    It'd be a perfect world if everything you made got in-game.
  11. Zoolot

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    On a flip note, if everything everyone made got into the game.. the game would be ruined :D
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  12. Forever

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    Not if everyone was Dragonith.
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  13. Well said!:up:
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Percival

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    It's like Magikarp stopped half-way to Gyrados, but kept all the awesome.
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