Please Implement A Warp Beacon, Doing Anything Underground Is Tedious Without It

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Pizzarugi, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. VasVadum

    VasVadum Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I like this idea, except for the exploding. I think the graphic for a landing location is nice, rather than randomly landing on dirt or rock. A metal pad for landing on would be nice, it could be mine-able as well to move the beaming down location. Another thing to add with this, is allowing it to be placed underground, like if you build a bunker or put it inside of a house with walls. It works so long as the blocks behind it are human made, like brick or wooden walls. Or maybe even only working so long as it just has a glass window behind it as the wall. It can have a count down timer as well for allowing you to beam to your ship only if you remain on the pad for the full time, like 5 seconds.

    I think this is good, but it shouldn't take a very long time to mine, still double or triple the original beacon though. This beacon will need a button to toggle an overlay of it's zone of influence as well, the safe radius. It should allow working around non-aggressive monsters though. I think placing a second one might be nice too, allowing you to beam to your ship, then on your ship when you try to beam down, it asks you which one you want to beam to. This would allow you to name beacons too. This allows you to quick travel to the other side of the planet, especially good on super large worlds. Instead of half an hour of walking, you get 10 seconds to teleport to ship, 5 seconds to teleport down from ship, 15 second travel time. :p You shouldn't need to clear a massive area by the way for this to work, but a nice sized area sure. Maybe 10 to 15 blocks high, 7 to 15 blocks wide.
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  2. AnonTheMouse

    AnonTheMouse Industrial Terraformer

    I have to agree. On long mining trips, currently, I'll just eat the death cost to escape without hassle.
  3. Woodogg

    Woodogg Void-Bound Voyager

    I think that just giving beds the ability to set your spawn point would solve a lot of people's problems. Those who want to live underground would just set their spawn there. You get one spawn point per planet, and no teleportation to the planets surface. If you choose to live and operate underground, then you need to make that trip up top to get to your ship or aquire wood, etc.
    Think of the epic staircases, lol.
  4. Dembai

    Dembai Void-Bound Voyager

    Really, we need two devices.

    1. A device that relocates your warp point.

    2. A device that allows you to teleport to your ship while underground.

    Make both expensive enough (and make them one use only) to avoid trvializing the game.

    Device 2 would not be useable while in combat, or while falling.
  5. Daruneblade

    Daruneblade Void-Bound Voyager

    Couldn't really be bothered reading through every post to see if there's a similar idea but whatever,

    My idea is an equivalent to Bukkit's /Sethome command for minecraft, You get this beacon or whatever it is you want, you place it in your world and then your ship beams you too it when you're on that planet. The beacon itself should be moderately hard to obtain and you may only have one set per sector, yes sector, so you can't "abuse" this teleporting from hidden vault to vault/base on every planet.
  6. p7fox

    p7fox Poptop Tamer

    I agree that this would make the game to easy. I also agree with surface beacons as the surface doesnt pose much of a challenge just time consuming to go to from end to another.
  7. Aquillion

    Aquillion Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The problem with making them expensive and one-use is that the main reason people want these option is because they find it tedious to travel through already-explored caves again and again. Making players pay high costs to avoid tedium isn't good design, either.
  8. Canopus

    Canopus Zero Gravity Genie

    IMO the teleporter 'as is' is already a bit unbalanced. But hey, it's a beta, right?

    Instant teleport when in danger on the surface, though harmless in PvE, would be extremely annoying in PvP. It's like a Bubble Hearth from WOW with no charge time and no cool down. For the sake of long term balance, I think the teleporter should have a 10 or 20 second charge time.

    The Matter Manipulator has the same problem. In Minecraft or Terraria, you can only place blocks close by, but in SB the range is pretty long. I can reach around a hilltop and box in an enemy as it's chasing me. How about a 5 second charge time before being able to use it? Or that each block placement needs a second to 'resolve' as the opposite process of mining? This would make obsolete dirt ladders and such.

    Just some random thoughts. I actually thoroughly enjoy the game as is, but I think it would be a mess in PvP.

    EDIT: Y'Know, I suppose for simplicity's sake, you could keep the game as is and disable the teleport function and Matter Manipulator while in PvP mode.
  9. Marius13

    Marius13 Poptop Tamer

    Having a teleport function whilst PvPing would be a bad idea, so yeah i agree, disable both Teleport function and the MM, and having a teleport beacon, so you can get faster from point A to point B, (especially when you want to reach some cave, which is very far away from the default teleport area of the ship, is extremely tedious) is actually a great idea...think about it, if you already ran across the planet, to god knows where, and you want a mean to get there faster, especially since you have already crossed the mile, and you might have no interest regarding the enviroment while you trek to the specific point, you wouldnt want to waste some time, if you already been there, say you had a very silly death while making your journey to the center of the planet, then what? its back to square one, and before you even get the chance to start again from where you left, prepare your legs for a running marathon xD
  10. Chammy

    Chammy Space Spelunker

    Not sure if it's already been stated, but the same cheap trick you use in Terraria works in Starbound: SAVE AND EXIT.

  11. Marius13

    Marius13 Poptop Tamer

    I think you must have misread what this thread is about, so maybe you didn't bother to read anything, so ill just write it here, its about, having a fast transportation mean, so you can reach almost immediatly some places..."Please Implement A Warp Beacon"
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  12. Pizzarugi

    Pizzarugi Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Great, now help us figure out how to apply that same trick to get BACK to the area we used that trick to get out! :p
  13. loc978

    loc978 Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I'm all for implementing these... but I think the underground beacon should at least cost some plutonium to craft. Maybe just make the surface beacon cost steel and pixels.

    ...I would love to have something functional to put in the transporter rooms I build, rather than just glass panels and fluorescent lights. Sometimes I feel like I'm building the set to a 50s sci-fi movie...
  14. Chammy

    Chammy Space Spelunker

    Oof. Now that is a good one. Personally, I don't like the idea. As I stated here I want a challenge. Going back through and retracing my steps means I have to come across every alien lifeform and deathtrap that I'd survived before, except for the reward you feel when you've upgraded your gear a little and mow through enemies that had an opportunity to mess your day up with a few lucky hits. Some might say it's annoying, but that's part of the challenge that's here right now. I don't want that taken away. I want it reinforced.

    If anything, I would like a beacon that you can put planetside to warp to ON THE SURFACE, so that you don't start at the origination point every time when you really just want to mine all that apex equipment halfway around the world.

    EDIT: I'm sorry. My original reply was a little rude. I understand your desire and that of the thread. I am merely stating that I do not wish for the game to become some sort of instant-gratification, spoon-feeding sort of game.
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  15. Aquillion

    Aquillion Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Going back down should be harder, yes. But I think craftable / placeable two-way telepads would be a good thing for the game to provide eventually. Late game, maybe, but it'd be nice to have eventually, because there does come an eventual point where the travel back and forth through areas you already explored is not so exciting.
  16. Marius13

    Marius13 Poptop Tamer

    I can understand why some people don't want a warp beacon...and they like instead to mow down through the enemies on their way back wether it is faster or slower, and even if its at the other side of the planet, some people think of it as a challenge, but for me, and i guess im not the only one thinking like this, id prefer to rather, have ANOTHER spawning location at least, because sooner or later, I'll start thinking of clearing all those as a chore, a boring chore, and I wouldnt want that to happen, BESIDES, if the devs will ever implement a warp beacon, or something similar, which we can use to change the default teleport area from the aren't forced to use it, yeah, you can choose to use it, if you like it , or if you don't like the idea,just don't use it, and thats it, i think everyone would be happy with that.
  17. Puddinsky

    Puddinsky Big Damn Hero

    *ergm ergm* Terraria magic mirror *ergm*
  18. TheTechPunk

    TheTechPunk Orbital Explorer

    Perhaps to keep the beacon from abuse, have it
    (I bet most if not all of these have been said before)
    Cool down, I'm thinking 5 minutes between each with varying times based on tier*
    Stuck, once placed the beacon can't be removed without destroying it completely
    Limited per planet, maybe 3 max for one planet
    *1* Different tiers, make it to where the beacons must be made out of higher grade materials to be used on the stronger atmospheres of the higher tier planets
    But to keep a progression based game such as Starbound good you must not be able to eliminate grinding all together, only slightly reduce annoyances IMO, so perhaps this shouldn't be implemented at all, I will leave that up to the Devs to decide.
  19. Chammy

    Chammy Space Spelunker

    Listed on Tiy's Future of Starbound post ( ) is the following note: Spawn Points: Change spawn points on individual planets.

    Whether or not this becomes a "teleport INTO the planet" thing or not remains to be seen.

    This has been said so many times. So. Many. Times.
  20. Perq

    Perq Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Its not grind. In that kind of game the road itself should be fun, not only the objectives you are given. It is HARD to make an adventure of simply moving around, and it is much easier to giev sectors of where you will have to do stuff.

    Skyrim did that: you have massive world in theory, in practice you only move around the points of itnerenst game devs set up for you.

    What are you going to do after you've "claimed" all your bases and points? Cuz you obsly can't travel between them for fun.

    Nowadays peps are super impatient - 5 minut YouTube video is LONG, people want condensed stuff. People can't enjoy simple stuff like traveling, having to be able to survive, prepare for hard travel.

    If I would think about anything, it would be giving a PURPOSE of making bases far away from each other, and then making player have to travel between each other (even on other planets), which would be difficult, but profitable, full of purpose. Teleporting around few points with no purpose won't give you much fun.

    This game could be much more of in-depth if you'd have to actually plan and PREPARE for road to come, estimate in your head what should you do next etc. Mindless jumping around and building stuff without any difficulty involved is the last thing I want to see. If I build a base, I want it to be HARD but I also want to have a good purpose to do so.

    Anyone played Ragnarok? Remember "heal NPCs", and after that "warp NPCs"? Why did they add them? Cuz people couldn't understand that warpers and healers were part of the game...

    I feel like your motivation for all that stuff is just being lazy, and wanting everything here and now. This won't do anything good. Believe me.
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