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Please help find two items (Feathercrown seeds [SOLVED], Motion Detector)

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by skupr, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. skupr

    skupr Seal Broken

    1. Cannot find Feathercrown seeds. Wiki says it should be located in Oasis on Desert planets. Traveled on about ten desert planets, found some oasises, but did not found it...
    Also I've set up "farm" colony with 40 deeds - primarily for the seeds. Now I got all kinds of seeds... except feathercrown!
    Is it so rare?
    By the way, I haven't seen feathercrown itself too, not even from merchants, which seem to sell all kinds of plants.
    Maybe its removed from the game at all?

    2. Please help locate structures when I can find Motion Detectors. Wiki says it's on USCM bases, which are removed from the game... Is motion detector removed too?
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  2. Ablekaine

    Ablekaine Pangalactic Porcupine

    Do you mean the scanners that allow you to open doors, or the pressure plate items that go on the floor in front of doors to slide them open? Because the former can be made in the wiring machine, and the latter can likely be scanned somewhere.

    Feathercrown: Keep looking. It took me forever to find mine as well. Arid and desert planets seem to carry them, albeit uncommonly. I've found maybe 6 seeds since 1.0

    And don't get me started on Neonmelon and Chili seeds. Haven't even found those yet.

    Edit: If you are looking for http://starbounder.org/Motion_Detector then yes because the bunkers are not currently in-game you won't be able to find it, I recommend using http://starbounder.org/Proximity_Scanner for now.
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  3. Tentacle_Sashimi

    Tentacle_Sashimi Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    1) You'll just have to keep looking. I've found both Feathercrown and Kiwis growing in oasis biomes.

    2) USCM Bases were removed so you can't get the Detector that way. The only options I can think of are that USMC Prisons have electronic wall scanners similar (or maybe identical) to those in the USMC Bases. However, I'm not sure that the Motion Detector is one of the scanners found in the prisons. You could also look into the recipes available in the Wiring Station workbench to see if it was added to those. If none of those work you would need to /admin it in.
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  4. Ainzoal

    Ainzoal Ketchup Robot

    You can make motion sensors or detectors from the wiring station
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  5. skupr

    skupr Seal Broken

    Thanks for noting Arid planets, I did not look there...

    Yes, I mean http://starbounder.org/Motion_Detector.
    Proximity scanner would be a good option, unless it requires "Stick of RAM", which I don't know where to find in good amounts - I want a lot of them (at least 40 for now), but I've found only 4 since game start (and I'm on the final mission now)...
    Any suggestion about farming "Stick of RAM"?

    1) Ok :)

    2) Is USCM prison the same as http://starbounder.org/Human_Prison ?
    It seems that there no such thing there, only eye/fingerprint scanner, which activated manually... However, I will take a closer look at it when I find it, thanks for advice!

    Yes, it has the same functionality, but needs "Stick of RAM", which is pretty rare... And I wan tens of it.
    Any suggestion about farming "Stick of RAM"?
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  6. skupr

    skupr Seal Broken

    Chili is seems to be pretty common on volcanic planets, I've found it without problems.
    I've got Neonmelon seeds from colonists (and they drop Chili seeds too). I've built pretty dumb minimalistic colony, now with 40 colonists (on moon - don't know if it matters).
    And they drop seeds pretty generously, however pretty randomly - you may need few rent periods to get seeds that you want.
    I just do the following:
    - gather rent
    - go to bed (in game) - to prevent depleting hunger
    - go AFK and do some real world things :)
    - return for rent in a half an hour
    This way you may easily collect almost all seeds, and also make pretty good money, especial on moon, which is Tier 10 now (but I think it will be fixed/nerfed someday)...
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  7. Ablekaine

    Ablekaine Pangalactic Porcupine

    Planets with http://starbounder.org/Bobot and http://starbounder.org/Scandroid . These two drops sticks of RAM often, I've have the best luck farming them on Tundra and mutated planets.
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  8. LazerRay

    LazerRay Cosmic Narwhal

    It also took me a while to find Feather Crown plants, they seem to be a tricky food item to get, I had to search quite a few planets with the right biome types to finally find some, then I just turned my first batch into seeds with the Craftable Seeds mod (I use that mod to stock up on seeds if I don't get a large amount)

    Also there is a similar motion detector that is part of the Apex towers, the small square ones found near doors and some of the signs, these used to be part of the Outpost before the update, yet you can still scan or grab them from the towers.
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  9. Ablekaine

    Ablekaine Pangalactic Porcupine

    HE'S RIGHT by Gadd! Forget crafting them yourself, just go find the Apex towers and break the scanners within them!
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  10. skupr

    skupr Seal Broken

    OMG why didn't Ithink about it by myself? Thank you! It seems to be a good solution! :)

    UPATE: just got 26 sensors from 1 tower!
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2016
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  11. LazerRay

    LazerRay Cosmic Narwhal

    I have a tendency to loot most dungeons I find, I keep some of the items (Mostly the blue bordered objects) and sell the rest, but I always make sure to scan everything before taking it, that way I can make more when needed.
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  12. LordBaconator

    LordBaconator Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Summon a Naturalist (Giant Flower) merchant to get feathercrown and neonmelon seeds.
    If the seeds don't appear in their inventory the first time you can just break the deed and respawn the npc until you get one with a useful stock.

    You can get the Chili seeds very easily from any Volcanic world. Volcanic ones are the ones with lava spotted all across the surface with volcano shaped surface objects. I don't think I've managed to run through a volcanic biome yet without running past a Chili plant, lol.
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  13. Ablekaine

    Ablekaine Pangalactic Porcupine

    Explains, I'm still on cold worlds.
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  14. skupr

    skupr Seal Broken

    That works!!! Amazing!!! It's so easy to get all the seeds you need, in any quantities... Feeling a bit stupid, wasting so much time for gathering all those :)

    It seems that I should check other biome-specific merchants too, to see what good stuff do the have %-)
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  15. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    I've found Neonmelons & Chili Plants on Volcanic Worlds... can't seem to find any Crystal Biomes for Crystal Backpacks or Crystal Furniture BPs though after raiding over 8 Volcanic Worlds. :rofl:

    Also still need to find Feathercrown Seeds & Kiwis. (Been meaning to raid more Foresty areas for colored Petals for more Dyes... but atm distracted on trying to find Crystal Furniture BPs.)

    The best option for farming Stick of RAM is Scandroids & Bobots, who like to menace Foundry Mini-Biomes on Volcanic Worlds. I got a Glitch Flag stuck on the top of my Volcanic Home World in an area they like to hang out at as my RAM Farm. :)

    I found my Neonmelons & Seeds by exploration & have gotten some from Rent. I think I found mine growing in a surface Geode Mini-Biome. (Why do I keep finding lots of Geode Mini-Biomes but no Crystal ones? :()
  16. Ablekaine

    Ablekaine Pangalactic Porcupine

    Do you mean Prism biomes by crystal?
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  17. LordBaconator

    LordBaconator Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Crystal biome and furniture is disabled. When I looked through the code it become apparent that they removed Crystal and Rust and turned them into Geode and Foundry biomes respectively. You can't get the Crystal or Rust furniture blueprints anymore or buy the furniture from vendors, but you can still spawn them as an admin and they act normally.

    Edit: Somehow I typed Prism here originally like an idiot. It was supposed to say Crystal biome. The Prism biome is perfectly in tact.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2016
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  18. LordBaconator

    LordBaconator Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    There used to be a Crystal biome that was similar to the Geode biome. It had blue crystal and blue crystal trees with little crystal plants that broke into pixels. You can still find a Crystal Underground biome with the blue colored crystal (it's quite pretty, like the green stuff) and some remnants of the old crystal breakables.
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  19. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    I was specifically referring to Crystal Furniture that went with the Crystal Blocks & Crystals that crafted into the Furniture... I hadn't realized they had gotten Disabled too. :(

    & fyi I can still find Crystals, by breaking Crystals that Spawn in Crystal Block toting areas that house Underground Avian Tomb Mini-Biomes. (Along with Pressurized Durasteel, Durasteel Girders, & Durasteel Beams I also value & Mine Up as Loot. I give the Black Glass from it to a pal of mine who likes them & screw the Ornate Tiles, I leave those there. Why are Avians using Ornate Tiles anyway when those are a Hylotl Schtick? o_O)

    Geode is not an adequate substitute cause Geode's natural color is Green, & it's Blue that's my fav color & Crystals have the color naturally.

    Prism stuff it's been on my to-do list to go hunt cause i've been curious about if i'd like the Prism Tenants so been meaning to hunt Prism Shards, & Prism Furniture BPs. Now that I know that there's no point in my hunting on Volcanic Planets anymore I might as well finish my current one then switch my Hunting to Frozen Planets I guess.

    Oh, since i'm screwed with Crystal Biomes, am I also screwed in regards to the Crystal Backpack?
  20. LordBaconator

    LordBaconator Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    The Geode and Prism tenants in vanilla have a hilarious bug where they sell blocks like magmarock and copper windows but the price for all blocks is set to 0 so you can't actually buy any from them.
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