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Closed Player information gone.

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Decimatarius, Jul 24, 2016.

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  1. Decimatarius

    Decimatarius Void-Bound Voyager

    So my computer crashed and it prompted a check disk scan and when i started up the game all options were reset and my character no longer shows.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
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  2. entropos

    entropos Space Hobo

    I had exactly the same issue last night. Brief power outage and I called it a night.

    This morning I load up the game and my character is gone.

    The good news is that I did some poking around (using Steam's "Browse Local Files") and found the save games under sub folders "storage" and then "player". Looks like there are two save files per player. One is called [very long string of letters and numbers].player and one called [same very long string of letters and numbers].shipworld. Each had three backups (named as above, but with ".1", ".2", and ".3"). I noticed that the time stamp for the backup files (player vs shipworld) was the same, but the time stamp for the primary save games were not (about 1 minute off).

    I renamed the primary backups (by adding a new extension), and then renamed the .1 files by removing the .1 from the end.

    Loaded up game - and character was back.

    I lost about an hour of game play, but that's MUCH better than losing an entire character.

    Devs - I understand the importance of confirming that the save game files are legit, but...how about an "attempt to recover lost character" option?
  3. Galactic Avatar

    Galactic Avatar Cosmic Narwhal

    How do you creat a new extention? And could you go step by step of how you recovered your character? I am having the same issue due to a computer crash but don't seem to have the same acumen with computer software that you do.
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  4. nethersponge

    nethersponge Aquatic Astronaut

    Alright so open your "player" file. The top 2 files should be a (bunch of numbers and letters).player and the other is (bunch of numbers and letters).BAK1 Delete the .player file. Next, right click the .bak1 file and click properties. You should see a text bar at the top. Remove .bak1 from the end of the text. then replace the .bak1 with .player
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  5. Galactic Avatar

    Galactic Avatar Cosmic Narwhal

    So good news and bad news.... I got my character back... but It seems I'm in a brand new starting systems, and all my bookmarks, flags, and teleporter sites are completely wiped. Any particular reason for that or does the back up just back up your toon itself and his ship?

    Edit: It's worse than I thought... the first planet I beamed down to has a ancient gate on it asking me for 20 core fragments...and its a moderate difficulty world.... this is not good... and is my starter planet (and my farm) somewhere out there or am I just borked and should be happy I got my character back at all?
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  6. nethersponge

    nethersponge Aquatic Astronaut

    My bookmarks and such were also gone. The outpost is also broken forever. I just started fresh with a new character. Sorry couldn't be of more help
  7. Nott Emportant

    Nott Emportant Space Hobo

    If you did the exact same thing with the ".shipworld" files you could have saved everything.
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  8. Galactic Avatar

    Galactic Avatar Cosmic Narwhal

    Ahh,well it's too late now, but I now know that for the future, plus:
    I did uninstalled Starbound to get a fresh start, and when I went to delete the Starbound files, I discovered that steam(or the game itself) had deleted the the Starbound folder in its entirety. I am guessing my install/files were pretty f.u.b.a.r when the launch happened. So it is kind of a moot point about trying to save my saves/characters.

    But from now on at least I know how to recover my toon/universe and I thank you for it!
  9. 6Qubed

    6Qubed Void-Bound Voyager

    Is "shipworld" the file for just the ship itself? I had this issue as well, followed the steps outlined, managed to get my character and my ship back, but the bookmarks and indeed the entire universe was reset.

    is there some part to this that I'm missing?

    EDIT: okay, there was. note to anyone else who has this problem: in the "Universe" folder there are several .world files. the numbers in the filename correspond to the X and Y coordinates in your ship's navcom. and if you've spent a lot of time in one system (your starting system, for example,) one X/Y pairing should show up several times

    currently I don't have a better system for finding my bookmarks besides hunting them down one-by-one, but it's better than nothing
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  10. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

  11. 6Qubed

    6Qubed Void-Bound Voyager

    One last problem; Is there any way to re-open the outpost shops? Ursa Miner is as simple as making a new teddy bear so I'm not terribly worried there, but what about the rest?
  12. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    You have to replay the main missions through S.A.I.L on your ship. It should say "revisit erichus facility." After that, bam, the rest of the outpost shops are open again.
  13. Galactic Avatar

    Galactic Avatar Cosmic Narwhal

    Well it happened again but at least time I still have my character.... hoping my colony and other things are still there. Because if I have to start all over again I'm going to be pissed.
  14. Kraken nero

    Kraken nero Aquatic Astronaut

    I did the manual backup, so I want to understand how to recover characters, I have to choose the most advanced date .BAK, and rename .bak to .Player, and to recover the ship and the same process only exchanging bak by ship?
  15. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    Good to back up first in case things go wrong. The next step is to rename your player.bak1 player file to simply .player and rename your shipworld.bak1 shipworld file to simply .shipworld and that should fix things. Be sure to delete or rename the other .shipworld and .player to .player-corrupt/.shipworld-corrupt so that they do not conflict. If you need clarification, let me know!
  16. TypicalTulley

    TypicalTulley Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I thought I was the only one trying to resolve this issue. Having spent the other day trying to look up fixes which didn't work I ended up figuring out how to recover my Character on my own. However you would think doing the same thing with the ship would work like it did with character retrieval but to no avail I can't get my ship and it's contents back. Anyone have any advice, maybe I'm doing something wrong? Also from what you guys are saying my Universe is gone and I'm located in a different plane/sector of space?
  17. Trinosaur

    Trinosaur Big Damn Hero

    Yeah, check out the thread I made here: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/fixing-lost-corrupted-universes-and-player-files.119985/

    It's far more in-depth and I even have a video tutorial that shows you what to do. Renaming your shipworld.bak to .ship SHOULD work. I can't think of a reason why it would not. If you continue to have issues, attach your files to the thread I linked and somebody with more technical skills can probably help!
  18. Iris Blanche

    Iris Blanche Pudding Paradox Forum Moderator

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