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Bug/Issue Planted fall seeds disappearing

Discussion in 'Support' started by constanceclaire, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. constanceclaire

    constanceclaire Intergalactic Tourist

    So I've recently started playing Stardew Valley again after several months hiatus, and it happens to be autumn in my save. I have junimos do the harvesting for me, and while it was a nice surprise to find they can now harvest pumpkins and scythe crops, I realised about halfway through the season that none of my wild seeds or fall seeds had produced anything. I never came across any dead crops, so my best guess is either they just never grew at all, or they were converted into one of the surrounding regular crop types, either in-ground or maybe when the junimos tried to pick them. I never actually witnessed them being picked, however.

    Has anybody else had this issue? It's almost winter in-game so I'm going to test this properly by paying attention to where I plant things, but honestly it's quite bizarre.

    Also, it may be unrelated but I checked the fortune for the day two days in a row and the tv thinks my character is a new viewer. ??
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    • kbradyk06

      kbradyk06 Space Hobo

      Same issue with me except winter seeds. Planted them twice for testing and found the day they would be ready for harvest all the winter seeds disappeared and there were no crops in my junimo huts.

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