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  1. IAmGod

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    So I had this idea awhile ago, if anyone has already said or mentioned it, I'm just gonna re-say it.

    Boss Name: Maybe Planet Eater or something?
    Type: Actual boss (Not mini boss)
    Quick Description: It is rumored that he fathers the Ruin, and with the death of his son, he is out for revenge.

    Unique Abilities: This boss is not stationary in 1 arena. In fact he is corrupting the entire universe. He randomly moves from star to star, planet to planet, killing and corrupting all life and culture. He knows where you are and his goal is to destroy every star in the universe.

    How to fight him?
    On your planet browser or whatever, There will be a red "!" notification where he is near. The player can travel to the star system and attempt to stop the corruption using Purification Relics.

    Can't go into too much detail, but basically I giant boss that travels around star to star corrupting and destroying the solar system, and the more he destroys the more power he gains, and you must be strong enough to kill him before he comes for your home planets.
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  2. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    I don't think it should be related to the Ruin. In fact, if CF wanted to sell the cosmic horror aspect, this is the seed of Ruin. This is how it spreads. Eating until it bursts and creating new ruins on planets.
    The player would have to think about which planets to destroy and purify in order to quarantine them. However, the problem arises when it becomes a threat to their buildings... how to deal with that?
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  3. IAmGod

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    There would be some kind of shield item, but it spreads really slowly so it gives them enough time to prepare, and it has to be activated, so its their fault if they activate it.
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  4. Notsae

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    I like the idea of having to decide weather to try to safe, abandon, or destroy a planet to stop its growth; though it would require an ability to destroy planets utterly.

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