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    So I have played Stardew Valley since it was released and I have enjoyed every second of it. With the newest update being released and the different types of farms being released, I had to step up and try a new world. I decided to go with the riverworld seed and got right away, fishing upon the second day of the game. It was enjoyabled, but now i bring up an idea that I feel, needs to be added to the game either as a mod or in a new update, Piscicutlure or a fish farm building. I remember playing a harvest moon game where you could construct a building and then grow fish inside of the building to then sale or do what ever you want. I think for the game, there should be a building that you could place down on your farm, a small pond or a building that then you could place fish that you have caught into the building and then over time will increase the number of fish in the pond that you can then sale or do what you do with your fish. Depending on the type of fish you put into the pond, it would produce more fish over the days. The more rarer fish would take up to 10 days to reproduce another fish, while the less rare fish might only take a single day to reproduce more fish. This would be nice for the farmer who wants to base there money growth off of fishing, without the consent trouble of having to fish everyday to get the fish to put into there bin, though you would still have to catch the fish. Perhaps for the fish ponds to be built, you would have to get a certain rank in fishing to construct the ponds.
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    • Crucifigo

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      i like this, after all, you can farm cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits and birds. why not farm fish? you could say it reduces the strain on the local environment and prevents overfishing or something
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        A fish pond would be cool, I like this idea. :) +1
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          Actually to improve on my original idea, instead of constructing a building or something on the ground, perhaps you could use the ponds or streams, if your playing on the new maps, and create net areas that you can put fish inside.l
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            This suggestion sounds pretty good. As @Jeviathan has said, perhaps you could buy fish eggs, place them in the water pools around your farm, and wait for them to grow up. They would be extremely easy to catch with a fishing pole, and when you do they would disappear from the pond. They'd sell for more than a regular fish as well.
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              Well not excatly @SnailsAttack. I was saying you catch the fish and then put them inside of the fish farm. You wouldn't need to buy fish eggs to raise, as you would already have the fish that you would want to raise. The fish would then multiply and increase the amount of fish inside of the fish farm. When you where ready to harvest the fish, you wouldn't need to use a rod either, as in most fish farms, they raise the fish in a net that can pull the fish in thus reducing the hardship of trying to catch harder to catch fish. But to offset the rarer fish, they would take longer to raise before harvesting them, say 10 days to 20 days for some of the most rare fish.
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                I like the idea of raising the fish in the farm pond. Once you can reliably build Quality Sprinklers, you generally don't have to water your crops. Getting some more use out of the ponds would be nice.

                Maybe Robin could construct a special hatchery that you can only build on water tiles, and you could put fish/fish eggs in it and then harvest the mature fish from the hatchery after a specific maturation time. You could set it up to either let you drop in a caught fish and then multiply it, or you could find fish eggs while fishing/harvesting from the hatchery and use those.

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