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    This is one of those times where you just have to wonder, what the heck is his secret stash? I understand Eric Barone wanted us to use our :rainbow:imagination:rainbow: and just speculate what it is ourselves.

    From what I got from the 2 options the player has,

    "You're secret is safe with me." and "Your wife deserves to know."

    If his wife deserves to know about this, it must be somewhat serious, right? I mean if he was doing something silly like sneaking a candy bar while on a diet then I wouldn't figure it to be worthy of having to confess to your wife like you committed a crime.

    For your answers, I please ask that everyone be honest, but be appropriate.

    I honestly suspect Pierre may have a self-destructive habit, such as smoking and or drug use that he is possibly hiding from his wife and Abigail.

    What do all of you think? And as I said before, please be appropriate with your comments.
    • Lilliput

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      While I've seen this cut-scene a few times on different play-throughs, the answer became crystalline to me on my current game! Entering the store, I was given the usual cut-scene about the stash and then agreed to keep mum about whatever it was I found. Then when the game resumed normal play and I walked up to Pierre at the counter for a chat, he said (paraphrasing, as I did not write down his exact words):

      'You know sometimes when there's nobody in the store I sing opera! Please, don't ever tell anyone, though!'

      Suddenly the previous scene became clear! Pierre's secret stash is opera music! He is a closet tenor and embarrassed to admit to it! He seemed very anxious to keep his suppressed desire to sing opera a secret, and coming, as it did, immediately after the secret stash scene brought the comment into sharp focus!
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      • Seismothesaurus

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        Joja Cola. The most shameful thing he could be doing is buying from the competitor that's threatening his livelihood.
        • AureusWolf

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          'You know sometimes when there's nobody in the store I sing opera! Please, don't ever tell anyone, though!'

          As I said, something small and silly like that doesn't seem so serious, like something he should hide from his wife. Although thats funny, I don't think he'd have to hide it. Unless his wife utterly hates opera and would divorce him over it.
          • Lilliput

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            And who says the line, 'Your wife deserves to know' has to be negative? It could easily be, 'Your wife deserves to hear you sing! Don't be scared of telling her!'

            Incidentally I peeked into the dialogue file to get the quote correct and what he actually said to me was:

            "I'll tell you a secret. Sometimes, when the store is empty, I'll practice my opera singing behind the counter.$h#$e#Don't tell anyone."

            Since he said it to me immediately after the cut-scene with the stash, I'm going to forever believe that this is his guilty secret, an embarrassing love of fancy opera. The actual line even describes it as 'my opera singing', a bonafide avocation. He's hiding librettos back there. The timing of the confession, no matter how the game decided to put that bit of dialogue there at that exact moment, was too good for me not to take it for a personal immutable canon.

            (And my view of the valley is too soft to want to muck-rake the worst of the villagers. Except for Alex. I'll believe he's capable of anything.)
            • Charity322

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              Maybe he hides it from his wife because he really can't sing. :rofl:
              • Giant Octopodes

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                He and his wife aren't exactly communicative so imho the reason he'd get all mad about you telling her is it paints him as the bad guy for him keeping secrets. As to whether or not the secret is "worth" ratting him out isn't that the whole point of the cutscene to let him decide?

                It could be Rogaine and he doesn't want his wife to know because he's embarrassed and afraid if he loses his hair and looks he'll lose his wife to the wizard with his flowing Fabio- esque mane. If you think its wrong for couples to keep secrets then maybe you think his wife deserves to know so she can support him, or maybe you want her for yourself so you're trying to sabotage his marriage.

                Personally I think its gold and cash. He works constantly and seems very materialistic so what better to stash than money he's hiding from his wife? Also his comment about needing to find a new hiding place even after he has your vow of silence implies to me that its something he has a reasonable fear of you wanting and returning to steal, which is pretty much only cash money for me :)

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