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RELEASED Peculiar Planets [DISCONTINUED] v1.0.2 (Glad Giraffe)

Adds high level planets for all biome types.

  1. Emisio

    Emisio Void-Bound Voyager

    Ok I've never used this mod in the past and with 1.0 out, it seems it's slightly out of date (wish it wasn't, because this seems like a necessary addition to the game.) I've been playing and after hitting top tier gear, even the top difficulty planets become too easy. I need more danger in my universe! Please Update for 1.0 and help me return to the stars on a more challenging adventure !!! :)
  2. Aegis J Hyena

    Aegis J Hyena Existential Complex

    Not happening. This's been abandoned.

    You'll want the mod Frackin Universe if you want a real challenge. It adds a LOT of difficult things. Ice Wastes, Red Deserts, planets where the normal EPPs do not function fully (requiring you to rely on special plants the mod adds)...

  3. Broconut

    Broconut Cosmic Narwhal

    Very late reply here but yeah, I've abandoned this mod. I just sort of lost interest in it and didn't have the motivation to keep it updated for 1.0 and beyond. I'm sorry if this bums anyone out but I feel like It needed to be said so I can give this mod a proper closure. Anybody who's up for it can take what I left behind and make it their own. You don't have to credit me either, just do whatever you want with it.

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