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  1. Alsing

    Alsing Void-Bound Voyager

    User: @Silentscream
    Status: Hosting
    Timezone: EST - Server is on auto host when I cannot be on.
    Players Needed: 7 (Using unlimited players)
    Platform: Steam/PC
    Mods: Required - Mod Pack for download
    Discord: https://discord.gg/xtNWNuG8xh
    Game Info: Community Center recently completed.
    Other: Must be ACTIVE. Growing community. Join our discord and the game code will be there daily. This server is not for beginners, it requires a modpack.


    • Many new recipes with buffs, many new machines like expresso machines.
    • Spells you can learn from analysing and praying at the Yoba Altar.
    • Deep woods - hidden area in the secret woods that expands endlessly into forest. You will get lost so bring a totem! Monsters , unicorns, hidden treasures!
    • Stardew valley Expanded - The farm is larger, the community has grown, and now you can face scary enemies in the Crimson badlands !
    • New Fish from SVE like puppyfish
    • More rings and ring crafts

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