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    Ah well, never touched that, nor did I watch my brothers play BG2.

    Because I'm not old enough for that Red Alert 2 best. Kirov airships OP, along with Apocalypse tank and oh good god, Prism tanks.

    Should we drop the ME2 subject? We're kinda derailing your thread :p
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    Well, we can talk about the Overpowered Prism Tanks, lol.

    Did you do what I did in RA2, and just plunk down like 5, 6 war factories and start churning out prism tanks by the dozens, and just roll right in the enemy base and watch their buildings get destroyed in like 2 seconds flat. BOOM, next. BOOM, next. BOOM, next. And dude, walls? pfft. Walls don't mean squat, the lasers go THROUGH walls! Annoying Mind-Control Towers in the Expansion? Pfft. You can MC one or two tanks, but in the second it takes the MC'd tanks to turn around, the MC is broken because the tower gets destroyed by the rest of them.

    So hilarious.

    And that's to say nothing once you get one or two of them ranked up to 3 stars. Oh boy. Overpowered isn't the right word.

    But then again... Rhino Tanks are almost as bad if you can pump out enough of them. Given the cost of Destroyers (those 'ultimate' soviet tanks, the ones with the double barrels)... you're better off building lots of Rhinos instead.

    And then in Multiplayer.... there was this one time a friend and I designed a multiplayer map which was fair, but we knew the secrets of that map.... Be USA, lol.

    It had very limited resources, and lots of gap generators in the middle of the map, and a couple near each player.

    What we did was we airdropped dozens and dozens of GIs and had them all deploy. They wasted their money on Destroyer tanks... they rode down into like 60+ deployed GIs with like 30 tanks. lol.

    That went real well..........for us. We lost like... 10 guys. And all of their expensive tanks were reduced to scrap metal in like 10 seconds. The other players promptly quit the match.
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    I never got Prism tanks to 3 stars. But why would you. Just sent in a battalion of the things and indeed, everything disintegrates in front of them. Especially nice against large groups, because of their damn splash effect. Have them be guarded by 3 or 4 IFV's with Rocket Troops (glorious AA), and 1 or 2 with engineers (repair) and watch them steamroll everything. Well, nearly. I found they don't do well against Tesla Tanks and Grand Cannons.
    And nukes.

    As for Mind Control Towers, I love playing Yuri (and in my opinion he's one of the coolest video game villains) and really like them. One of them is not a good defense, but group 2 or 3 of them and you're golden. Put a Grinder near them, grind any controlled units you don't need for monies, and use the ones you do like for glorious destruction.
    I never played online, but this was a pretty good tactic against AI. Build a couple, sit back, let them send in the Battle Fortresses. Fill them up with your own guys (Virus' were good, but Initiates in them were murder) while you use the other money to create Floating Discs. Send in the Discs to shut down power plants (thus shutting down all their defenses, as well as slowing down their production) and have your fortresses rip and tear.

    I'm also a huge fan of Tesla Tanks. But that's just because I love everything electrical. They were pretty nice all round tanks. Certainly a better choice than Apocalypse Tanks. The only upside to them are that they can also perform AA duty against slow air vehicles. You'd still be better off with the 3 Flak Tracks you can build for the same price, though.

    "It will soon be a wasteland."

    Also squads of Chrono Legionnaires are hilarious. Just erase everything from existence.
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    A few that I can remember.. ;o

    Dracopent's Claw (20XX)

    At its base level, it allows you to charge your main weapon beyond its normal charge, letting you fire an "ultracharged" projectile for triple damage. While alone it doesn't seem quite as broken as some of the other Core Augments in the game, Dracopent's Claw also happens to be a Core Aug which slots into your Arms slot... which means that in addition to its effect, it also grants you a base damage boost. In the case of Dracopent's Claw, it's +4 Attack Strength. If you're just starting off, that's 40% boost! Combine that +4 Attack Strength with the Ultracharge.. and you have a very powerful Core Aug which is arguably much more powerful than any other Core Aug in the game.

    Not only that, but if you manage to collect all four pieces of the Dracopent set (Helm, Chestplate, Arms and Legs), you acquire the Set Bonus... most of the set bonuses are overpowered in themselves, but Dracopent's just takes the cake - simply put, it makes every shot you fire Charged. Not Ultracharged, just regular Charged. Still, that's pretty much a flat double damage if you're just spamming lemons, and that's disregarding the kill-pierce that charged projectiles have! (And you still have that +4 Attack Strength from those arms, too!)

    Cutlass (Crypt of the NecroDancer: Amplified)

    Never has a weapon made me think so mindlessly in this game, but the Cutlass... just lets me play the game super lazy. Normally, positioning and timing is the key to victory, as being a beat out of line can cause you to take a significant chunk out of your tiny healthbar (which is not easy to heal under normal circumstances)

    The Cutlass, however, has a special property. If you damage an enemy, any melee damage you recieve that turn will be parried. Essentially meaning that if you enter a room with loads of enemies and hit them every turn, you become almost invincible. Given that very few enemies in the game deal non-melee damage, and that some enemy projectiles in Amplified even count as melee damage... yeah GG I win

    If that's not all, a (somewhat) recent update also allowed Cutlasses to be made out of any material (Titanium, Obsidian, etc) meaning that they technically got buffed, dealing more damage and (technically) appearing more often. Plus, one of the new Amplified characters, Nocturna, starts with a Cutlass!

    Metal Blade (Mega Man 2)

    And lastly (for now), a classic! The Metal Blade is easily acquired from Metal Man (who has a predictable pattern if you want to beat him with the Mega Buster), but using it... it deals increased damage to almost all bosses in the game, weapon energy for it is extremely cheap (It only costs 1 pip of energy to fire 4 blades) and you can fire it in all 8 directions. It can essentially replace your Mega Buster once you acquire it, as weapon energy drops from enemies at about the rate you end up using it.

    Plus, if that's not hilarious enough, when you eventually get to the Boss Rush in the Wily Levels, Metal Man himself is weak to the weapon, and you can use it to kill him in a mere two shots (ONE if you're playing on Easy mode!)
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    Am I too late to say wild mage's are implicitly broken in Baldur's gate? I played BG1 in BG2 engine via a mod that let me have a wild mage character. Wild mage's are basically normal mage's but their spells have a random chance to 'surge' and have 100 or so possible outcomes. they also get access to wild magic which is mostly garbage, but did include one incredibly broken level one spell, Nahal's wreckless dwemer.

    Nahal's wreckless dwemer let's you cast ANY other spell you know with the catch that it WILL result in a wild surge.
    There is a ring at the start of Baldur's gate that let's you memorize double the usual number of level 1 spells.

    sure, sometimes you blow yourself up trying to cast knock, just keep your distance and enjoy the Nukeing, polymorphing, spray painting, summoning, genderswapping, and countless other Magical hijinks you can perform before you even need to pull out the reliable spells.
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    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Handsome Jack's Doppelganger.

    Jack's Doppelganger is the most broken thing in the game, hands down, cards on the table. Let me show you a build.

    Now, what's this build do? I call it the "Exploding Suicidal Doppelganger Circus."

    First, you activate your Action Skill. You get two holographic Digi-Jacks (one of them upgraded with a digi-missile launcher) that will proceed to attack your enemies. They have a copy of your shield, so if you have a Nova shield, they'll proc its effect, exploding on your enemies. They also explode in a shock-nova when they spawn, and produce another explosion when they die. Every time one of the Digi-Jacks die (and because they lose health over time and spawn with less health thanks to exploding, they WILL die), a new Jack spawns (who has a 1-in-3 chance to be upgraded).

    But wait - all of those dying Jack-clones count as kills! This means that they provide bonus duration to your action skill (Best Foot Forward), heal you for an eigth of your health (Take Their Freedom), grant a stack of Cache that can give you a free Grenade (Cache), grants increased damage and critical damage (Synergy), grant you a stack of Commitment (Commitment), restores a quarter of your shield and improves movement speed (Winning), and improves basically all aspects of gunplay (Believe).

    From the moment your Digi-Jacks start dying, you become a nigh-unkillable god of destruction, surrounded by temporary allies that fight to the best of their ability while exploding constantly. When your action skill finally goes on cooldown, not only will you retain most of the buffs from your rampage, but you also enjoy bonus shield capacity and health regeneration to keep you safe until the next rampage. Just find some cover until your action skill is ready again - Did I mention that it only takes 40 seconds to cool down, starts counting down its cooldown when you activate it, and can easily last for upwards of 30 seconds?

    Oh, and you don't even have to worry if something does bring you down, because you can activate your Action skill while in Fight for Your Life, and if one of your digi-Jacks dies, you'll be revived just as if you'd killed something. Jack is the only character in the entire game that can successfully earn a Second Wind without a single enemy or ally being present.
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