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    So this is a thread where we discuss various games and assets within those games that are entirely overpowered.

    By assets, I mean Equipment, Items, Classes, Characters, Mechanics, Playstyles, anything that is available for the player to use that is ridiculously powerful compared to the majority of its "competing" choices with little or no downsides to using it.

    Most things are balanced because they are in line overall with most of the other choices, or if it is indeed powerful, there's either a risk element involved or it has downsides somewhere else. If something has a lot of armor, it probably loses damage or it is incredibly slow. If it is ridiculously fast and reasonably powerful, then it is probably made of glass and will break into pieces of it is barely poked, etc.

    I'd like to ask that we stay away from MMORPGs, because those are constantly changing. If something is overpowered, rest assured it probably won't stay that way for long. However, some hilariously bad overpowered things can be mentioned as long as it is made clear that they are no longer that way.

    Overpowered things are..... not.... balanced whatsoever. I'm going to list a few examples to get this started:

    Orlandu (Final Fantasy Tactics). This guy is famous amongst FFT players, or perhaps even infamous for how overpowered he is. Let's start with the fact he comes equipped with the most powerful weapon in the game, period. It is the only piece of equipment that I know of that features Auto-Haste. In FFT, Haste is incredibly powerful but only available to Time Mages and it takes a decent amount of time to cast and usually doesn't last all that long and it makes you immune to Slow IIRC. Well, this guy's sword gives him Haste status from the beginning of the battle, all the way through. The rest of his gear is nothing to scoff at either. Where this guy gets his power, though, is from his ridiculous special class.

    Most named characters in FFT have a special class that replaces "Squire" in the Change Class screen, and most named characters have a unique class. This guy's class is absolutely ridiculous: It has ALL of the Sword Skills in the game. Remember Gafgarion and how you once feared his Night Sword attack? Orlandu has that. Remember how awesome Agrias was when she first joined your group because of that awesome Stasis Sword attack, and then later she got Crush Punch and Lightning Stab? He has those, too. Remember when Meliadoul joins your group and she has new attacks that automatically break equipment without fail? Yup. He's got those, too. ALL of the Sword Skills are ranged attacks, some of them hit an area, and because his sword is so powerful, they do ridiculous damage, one-shotting many enemies and severely wounding anybody who actually survives it. They always hit (100% chance) as long as the enemy is in the area of effect, and they are all instant attacks (no charging/wait times). The only time you can "miss" with one of these, is if you use an equipment break attack on someone who's not wearing equipment on that slot.

    This guy is the only guy I know of, who can end one of the story battles in 1 turn (outside of the Riovanes Castle Roof fight, that is). Since he has Auto-Haste on his weapon, he always gets the first turn out of everybody on the battlefield, and in one of the last battles in the game, if you put him in a certain square and have enough move points (a common pair of boots is enough), he can move in range to hit the boss with a Break Body Armor attack. Since said boss is a mage, and has low health anyways, and the game appears to subtract the HP bonus the armor gives before applying the damage... the boss always, always, always dies in that single attack. It cannot miss and it is guaranteed to work. Said map's Win Conditions happen to be "Kill the Boss!"

    This guy is the very definition of "overpowered". He's got all strengths, he can destroy anybody else, and he's got no weaknesses to speak of. Give him some stat immunity items and he's unstoppable thanks to his always-haste. Give him the "Item" command and keep yourself stocked on potions and you simply can't kill the guy.

    Acrid (Warframe): Remember in the days before Damage 2.0 when Armor Bypass was all the rage? You always wanted to use Armor Ignore weaponry because armor cut your damage by ridiculous amounts. And then there was the Acrid side-arm. Each shot from this ridiculously overpowered pistol would not only bypass armor but also leave a Damage Over Time from the poison. Said Damage Over Time only lasted a few ticks, but stacked with each shot adding a new instance of the DoT to the enemy. Said pistol could be fired up to twice per second (or something close to that) and the DoT lasted for 3-4 seconds so you could really rack up the damage. Just to give you an idea, this thing would kill the strongest bosses (at least, at the time) in less than 7-8 seconds if you stacked the right damage mods. This has been patched, though, and is no longer near as powerful these days ever since Damage 2.0 came out that completely re-worked how armor and damage works.

    Terrarian (Terraria): Seriously, if you're going to put an utterly overpowered weapon in the game, you might as well name it after the game, right!? It's the second highest base damage weapon of the game (right behind Meowmere) however, it is far more powerful than the Meowmere in most situations. It's a yo-yo (if you've never played Terraria, this might sound funny to you) that has infinite "flight" time (one of only 3 that has it, 1 of them being an incredibly rare 'drop' out of Expert Mode Boss Bags). Not only that, but it also shoots out several projectiles that do the same base damage as the weapon and home in on nearby enemies. It isn't too unheard of to boost its damage up into the high 200s so that each projectile is hitting for 250+ damage. It continuously fires these projectiles every couple seconds while the yo-yo is out (remember the infinite flight time?). For damage comparisons, your average boss has 50,000 health or thereabouts. You're sending out 2000+ damage in projectiles (that's without critical hits) every couple seconds. If you combine this with a Yo-Yo Bag, as soon as you hit an enemy with the Yo-Yo itself, a SECOND yo-yo comes out which also shoots homing projectiles if the yo-yo itself wasn't bad enough.

    More info: http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Terrarian

    Selphie (Final Fantasy 8): A lot of people don't seem to really appreciate how ridiculous Selphie can be once you use her properly later in the game. Okay, she's got 'meh' attack and everybody has access to the same magic and skills. But this all changes once you get your paws on the Aura spell. Casting Aura gives you an almost guaranteed chance of getting a Limit break no matter how much HP you have (it might take a couple 'switch turns' to get it to pop but it's like 80% chance per "turn" and trying to pass your turn to someone else counts as a turn, lol). Her limit break is entirely overpowered. It's basically a random spell that she can cast, but you can actually choose whether to cast that spell, or re-roll her "slots" (they aren't actual slots, it tells you what the spell is). You get the choice of "Do-Over" (which is the reroll option) or "Cast" which casts the spell. You can "Do-Over" as many times as you want, but since this is ATB, the enemy can attack you while you're doing this. Unless, of course, there's a cutscene playing. Like, I don't know, summoning a Guardian Force. Once you get Eden (the longest GF animation in the game), you got plenty of time to get a "The End" come up on her slots. Said spell will instantly win any battle, including Omega Weapon AND the Last Boss. If you casted Aura on her, Full Cure (which does exactly as you'd think it does: heals everybody to full) comes up 8 out of 10 times as well.

    These are a few just to get the thread started. Have fun!
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    The 'Navarro run' from Fallout 2. Before you even reach the second town in the game, you can (if you know where to go and manage to avoid high-level random encounters) go to the Enclave base at Navarro. Convince the agent at the petrol station that you're a new recruit, and you'll be sent into the base to get issued with the second-best armor in the game (and the best available outside of the final dungeon). And that's to say nothing of the weapons, armor and experience points to be had. Do it right out of the gate, and you're set for the rest of the game.
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    Ah yess, good ole sequence breaking. Reminds me of the Catacombs runs from Dark Souls where you'd do one of two things: 1). Get a Gravelord Sword, or 2). A Chaos Scythe thanks to that Blacksmith in there, along with the base weapon and several shards which are all found in the same area at the very beginning of the game. It just takes some memorization and a little dodging/running skill and perhaps a few deaths to practice.

    Once you memorize the routes and/or are able to pause and look at a guide, it isn't TOO hard to get down there at the very beginning of the game and once you have what you came for, just die to warp back up to near the beginning. You can also kill Pinwheel while you're down there too for the ability to Over-Kindle Bonfires for extra Estus Flask uses.
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    To be fair, many guns in Warframe could be considered simply broken, depending on your mod set-up. For instance, Nova`s Antimatter Drop + Gammacor/Synoid Gammacor could easily do over 200k dmg with just a couple seconds of sustained fire on the Orb before it detonated, this can be further (or at least it was doable back when I still played) amplified with other energy weapons firing on the orb, increasing its deadliness.
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    Another mentionable for Warframe is Valkyr. Hysteria is ridiculously powerful, and even after the "nerf", she's still unstoppable. A duration+efficiency build can give enough duration to stay in hysteria for about 6 minutes, assuming no leaches and no pickups.

    Oh, the redeemer and all of its OPness has a special place in me. Melee only sortie? plz, I bring shotgun.
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    Dude, I remember pre-Melee 2.0 when the Glaive was just absolutely ridiculous when it first came out. Back then, Tower 3 was actually hard, I remember our first ever Tower 3 win (my clan's)... we all brought glaives and we ran out of ammo and we just hid behind walls and chucked glaives at everything.
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    Escalating potion / enchanting / spell effects in Elder Scrolls games. In earlier games, you could brew potions to improve your Intelligence, which governs the effectiveness of potions and enchantments you make. Just keep making and taking them, and you'll be able to make incredibly overpowered potions and enchantments. In Skyrim, you can do the same by hopping back and forth creating increasingly powerful enchantment-enhancing potions and potion-enhancing enchantments, resulting in overpowered the same sort of thing. And then there's the fact that since any Fortify effects count as Restoration, one can also use increasingly powerful Fortify Restoration potions to brew even more overpowered potions.
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    I remember that...

    Enough dedication could give destruction spells that are off the charts early-ish game.
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    Nobody mentioned Vandalier class from Vandal Hearts?
  10. Xylia

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    I think Vandal Hearts is... somewhat of a rare game. I somehow lost my copy of it, and I never got to see it, but my cousin borrowed it once and he spoke of how ridiculously overpowered it was. However, he also spoke of a few things that sounded not-so-easy to actually do in order to acquire it. I think that if the battles to get that class are as difficult as he made it out like they were, then the class is basically a bonus, a little player enjoyment for having overcome the game's optional challenge so they say "Here, have fun roflstomping the rest of the game with it!"

    There are a few other games that do similar things, they put a huge challenge in the middle of the game and reward you with something outright ridiculous that lets you roflstomp the rest of the game. Chocobo Digging Rewards (from getting the chests in the overworld) in FF9 and Knights of the Round in FF7 come to mind. If you put the time and effort into those side-quests, you got a ridiculous reward that let you plow through the rest of the game with ease.

    There's also the many optional characters quests in Ogre Battle which rewarded you with some seriously overpowered (compared to normal units) named characters, enough that you could have one of these characters in nearly every single unit in your army. Or make 1-3 units that are just absolutely unstoppable by combining several of these into a few units.
  11. LazerRay

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    Oblivion - This game has a few things that can become very over powered.

    can one-shot-kill most mobs with the right spells and if the shops don't have what you need, you can make new spells if you have access to the alter of spell making (a custom spell set at 15 points of damage for 15 seconds is cast-able death for everything).

    The alter of enchanting
    can make extremely powerful weapons if you use glass/dadric or perfect amber/madness weapons as a base combined with the right destruction magic effects (5 points of damage with fire,frost, shock, and health on your favorite weapon type works wonders, just don't forget the 1 second soul trap while carrying the Ashua's Star).

    I have mentioned this in another thread, but with the right combination of items you can obtain 110% spell reflect and 125% chameleon, these items are found in base game or can be easily made with a proper sigil stone.

    I tend to take full advantage of these things when playing the game, especially at higher levels when things start getting tough.
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  12. adimetro11

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  13. STCW262

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    The Jury-Rigging perk in Fallout: New Vegas.
    Simply put, it allows the player to repair any two items as long as they are similar enough...Which is actually a rather loose term, as the categories go for 1 and 2-handed melee weapons, Unarmed weapons, Manual/(semi-)Automatic/Heavy guns, 1/2-handed Energy weapons, which are then divided into Laser and Other, and Shoulder-mounter/Heavy/"Normal" Explosive weapons.
    While there's a few weapons that can't be repaired with it (For instance, the Holorifle from the first DLC can't be repaired with Jury-Rigging because it's the only manual-action energy weapon in the game), it, for the most part, allows really weird combinations which can be easily exploited to get a HUGE profit, such as being able to repair CHAINSAWS with POOL CUES. In fact, a good way to make money is to use it to cheaply buy low-tier weapons which are in good condition, repair nearly-broken higher-tier weapons and sell them for profit. There's a few vendors that sell average/low-condition weapons, so you can buy them, take a cheap weapon, and resell that same weapon for profit.
    It doesn't end there. There's quite a few weapons which are difficult and expensive to repair otherwise, such as the LAER from the OWB DLC (Which is a light-weight energy weapon that deals as much damage per shot and shoots faster than the Plasma Caster, which weights 5 times as much; and the LAER can be modded to deal MORE damage), which normally has low durability because it's really powerful. With it, you simply need to kill a bunch of Fiends (Which have low health) until they drop Plasma Rifles or Laser RCWs (Which they often use) and you've got enough spare weapons to repair the LAER several times over. In the case of the latter weapon, you can, for the 20 pounds needed to carry the aforementioned Plasma Caster, carry a weapon which is more powerful AND enough spare garbage weapons to repair 4 times over.
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  14. Xylia

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    While Jury-Rigging is a bit overpowered, I see it as necessary for the player's survival because everything is just too difficult to repair otherwise, especially armor. Armor degrades way too fast and medium+ armors are just too hard to get ahold of to find things to repair it with.

    And then, of course, unique armors like the suit from OWB are incredibly difficult to repair without Jury-Rigging. What they should have done, was made it slightly more sensible so that it wouldn't be utterly overpowered (Pool Cues and Chainsaws? Seriously?) but yet usable (interchangeable medium armors, for example).
  15. STCW262

    STCW262 Heliosphere

    Indeed. The game had easily too many items which were pretty much impossible to repair otherwise. The vanilla game itself had most power armor, and that got even worse in the case of the Remnants power armor, of which there's only two sets (3 if the unique version counts) and all the Dead Money armor sets (Which, as among them there's the best light armor in the game in terms of DT).
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  16. Mort Faux

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    Was going through some of the old N64 stuff today, and came across one of my old favorites: Perfect Dark.

    While a lot of people like to cite the Farsight as being total BS, the thing I remember more, that was almost literally rage in a can, was the N-Bomb. Creating a giant, black vortex that went through walls, this engine of hate was a grenade that would cause you to drop your current weapon, and apply a huge amount of blur to your vision (which, on an N64, was even worse given the graphics of the time.) Not only did it do all this, the blur would persist past your inevitable death into your next life, leaving you starting out even more crippled. Add in the ability to use it not only as a thrown grenade, but as a PROXY MINE as well, and it's total nonsense.

    I cant think of any other weapons (beyond maybe the teleport aimhacks in UT) that cause as much innate fury as the N-Bomb.
  17. Xylia

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    So I've been on a retro gaming thing lately, and this time up.... Dragon Warrior 4.

    An old NES gem (which happened to be THE biggest NES game that was ever released -- a whole 1 MB cartridge, the one and only), and boy is it filled with overpowered stuff, lol.

    First up, we have a Shield that can be equipped by all spellcasters in the game, called the Metal Babble Shield. This thing has absolutely ridiculous Defense, and it is bought with a special type of coin (not the type the monsters drop) that you can only get at the game's only Casino. Said coins aren't TOO difficult to win, but you do need 50k of them for one of these shields (only 4 people can use it in the game). You can get one as early as Chapter 2, you can get another one during Chapter 3, and then as soon as you find that town in Chapter 5. Despite the fact that none of the people have met each other, coins you earn in Chapter 2 are usable in Chapter 3, and they are usable again in Chapter 5.

    Plenty of chances to go win those coins!

    Also available is an item that can be worn by USEing the item (thus, it does not take up any space on the equipped item list, but DOES take up space in your inventory) that doubles your agility stat which means more than likely, even your slowest characters will very likely take their turns before most ordinary enemies, and your fastest characters always go first. There's also a staff that is quite powerful, almost as powerful as melee characters' weapons (throughout the first third of Chapter 5) that any magic user can use.

    Now, outside of the Casino... there's the Metal Battle Armor. Sure, it costs 15,000 gold but it is available rather early in Chapter 5, as soon as you cure the Princess's companion of his sickness and get the Thief's Key (or do you need the magic key? Either way, it's not THAT far in to Chapter 5). These armors, just like the aforementioned shields sharing the same name, are ridiculously powerful Endgame armors that are available about 40% of the way into the game. Shield and Armor combined, your spellcasters will take very little damage from most physical attacks through most of the game.

    And lastly, we have Princess Alena herself.

    Yeah I get she's a tomboy, and she wants to prove her strength, but I think they jacked her stats up a little TOO high. She has more health than the soldier, and despite having much weaker armor options and NO shield, she has more defense than the soldier or hero can get with their endgame armors (especially if you give her one of the two Radiant Robes found in the game!), she's got twice as much Agility as even the Dancer, and if you buy a special weapon, she can attack twice and she has a very high critical hit chance.

    I suppose as a little bonus, using an emulator with save state is absolutely broken. You can do stuff like always winning at the casino (just reload if you don't win) and always killing Metal Slimes/Babbles/Kings for ridiculous XP (they usually run away, but you can always load state until they stick around, and save state each turn, reloading if it runs away).

    I don't think I've had this much fun absolutely breaking a J-RPG in quite awhile..
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  18. adimetro11

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    I've been playing Phantom Brave since it got ported to pc. and i'm sure the most broken thing in this game is... in three words and added emphasis...

    The Failure Title
    Well, because this title sucks balls deep (-80% on all stats plus -100% bonus) you might not want to bother with it. But, if you have a Titleist and a dungeon with a high level (you must have a Dungeon Monk at this point) you can slap that down to it to make the monsters piss easy to kill. Through they don't drop anything when killed, that's not what you're looking for. What you're actually looking for is the various items that littler the map. The broken part is that the title doesn't affect them at all. So if you manage to take some of them home, you now have some very powerful weapons far earlier than intended. And due to how the game's xp mechanic works you will get huge amounts of xp because of the items.

    How do you get the title? You get it from creating a phantom that has the title. If you don't find one with a failure title, try closing and opening the create manu again until you find one that has it.
    If you have the phantom, grab the phantom and talk to Marona to banish it. this will delete the phantom and you'll get the title in return.

    Makes grinding for killing bosses much faster.
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  19. Parrotte

    Parrotte Supernova

    I found the Tri-beam laser rifles and the Multiplas rifles from Fallout 3 and F:NV quite op. With the right perks you can tear apart anything in your path. (Or in Fallout 3 you get torn apart by the local neighborhood Super Mutant Overlord.) Same with several melee weapons like the Thermic Lance, Proton Axe and Protonic Inversal Axe.

    In Skyrim, all bolt magics are also ridicolously strong. Specializing in fire, I can use doublecast firebolt to basically onehit nearly everything in my path, short of high level fire-resistant monsters, and dragons. I don't know why but I do like, 1 damage to dragons of every kind.

    In Killzone 3, if you correctly use the Arc Cannon you can sit back and laugh as you lay waste to everything.

    Not sure if OP or just really good at it, but in Starbound I can dodge everything using a blink explosion sword and a high energy armor.
  20. Xylia

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    What I found OP about said axes in OWB, is the ridiculous cap value of those weapons. I'm not really one for melee combat in the FO games, but dude... those axes are everywhere and they have 1000+ cap value and they aren't really extraordinarily heavy either, which means you can load up on a bunch of them and haul em back and earn ridiculous caps from them. It seems like nearly every brainless "zombie" is carrying one and you can rack up the money really quickly.

    Also, I found the LAER guns to be rather strong, especially the unique one.

    Oh, and can we say Christine's BOS Sniper Rifle? LOL. A SILENCED Sniper Rifle.

    Here's a little tip for a new playthough:

    As soon as you get to Whiterun, buy a Lightning Bolt spell (from the Court Wizard, the same guy who sends you after the Dragon Stone) and favorite it. Then, start shooting all the deer you see with lightning bolt. You are far, far, FAR more likely to hit a deer, even while it is running, than you are with an arrow. Take the leathers back to Whiterun, and turn them into strips and leather (deer pelts yield a pretty decent amount) and make lots of leather bracers (1 square + 2 strips IIRC) to level your smithing. This also levels your Destruction skill too! This can be done very early in the game, though when you first start out, two or three bolts will empty your magic meter. It shouldn't take TOO long until one bolt is a guaranteed kill, though. For added bonus, always be sneaking to level sneak skill (and to sneak up on deer so you can blast them before they run).

    A few hours and you'll have lots of Smithing, Destruction, and Sneak!
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