Organizing music files by ingame folders

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by MrConcentrated, Jun 7, 2016.

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    See here, I tell ya what. So im playing starbound, ya know? And im doing that mulitplayer action, having good times with friends, and we're like "Yo, lets play some tunes!" And im like "What a radical idea." So we take out our instruments, right? And we decide to play some undertale songs we downloaded, right? So I opens the music selection menu and would ya look at that! I cant find megalovania! Its there, buts I have so much music that I cant find my favorite tunes! So, heres the idea man: Folders. Like, you go into your starbound songs directory and make folders, it will separate them ingame too! Genius, right? I knows it I knows it. Simple idea, takes 0 times to implement, and boom! You gots yourself a fully fleshed fabulous flawless 100% fantastic game! Your welcomes Your welcomes

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