Optional Muti-Block Crafting Structures

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would you like to see a multi-block structure in Starbound? Like this one at least? (yes or no)

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  1. G-Mac

    G-Mac Void-Bound Voyager

    I was thinking that for the next update, or whenever you want, you could create the ability to build a multi-block structure for things like smelting and alloying (probably separate to prevent accidental metal mixing). You could either have the players need to make only one for normal metal casting and another for alloying or one for each type of metal or alloy metal they are making (if you had only one for each, it would be good to add a metal separator component for the structure to the game) (and in the case of the alloy smelting station you could make and alloying controller to specifically control what metals combine) but this is not to replace the old way of smelting etc.... This is to add to it as an option with the benefit of being able to get a certain amount of more metal from the ore, so less waste. Of course it could be some other benefit entirely.
    And some other things to mention are (1) you could make different tiers for these smelting stations using different materials of course and using a more advanced normal furnace to get those materials made. (2) I was thinking that this smelting station could add to furnace levels one and two at the first smelting level (at least the first furnace level) and more advance ones could be with whatever configuration you all desire like with one of the last ones being able to easily scramble the material (at least atomically) and reconstruct it into the proper form and even turn out the left over molecules in a powdery, or some other, form (like stone dust or stone rubble/gravel (one for a certain # of pieces and stone dust other wise). In the case of subatomic reconstruction you could cause it to convert the otherwise stone like material into more metal or with a toggle switch get the stone "stuff" anyway (in a UI/GUI of course). (3) Name the bricks at the first level tempered smelt(ery) bricks. (4) remember that normal smelting will create slag so put in a recipe for making pig iron (at least I think it can, so look it up(plz)) or you know... some use for it.
    (edit 1) I have sort of requested this because it seems like a fun idea and it makes it more similar to a mod that I know of for Minecraft. Although I know Minecraft is VERY different from StarBound I still like that addition the mod provided so I thought that it would do the game good, and improve it, by adding this. Thanks for considering my suggestion!
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