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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by shybobcat, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. shybobcat

    shybobcat Void-Bound Voyager

    I’d like to have an option to disable fishing mini game, the one that triggers after you get a hit while fishing. To preserve the game difficulty, you could replace it with a fail chance of let’s say 50%. Players who became proficient in mini game could still have it enabled and benefit from their skill.

    I'm having trouble physically keeping up with the mini game. Other then optional festival games, this is the only arcade part in the gameplay. Please give us the way to disable it, for people like me.

    Call it Accessibility option if you like.
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    • @ndy

      @ndy Subatomic Cosmonaut


      at least add something like you will have lets say 50% chance to Lvl 1 fish with lvl 0 fishing skill this would then always raise by 5 - 10% per level so in case of

      5 per level you would had 100% with lvl 10fishing to catch lvl 1 fish,
      you would have 75% to catch lvl 5 fish
      50% chnace to catch lvl 10 fish
      this way you oul also some extra 15% if you chose perk that woul add to probabity (if it would made that way that is)

      if you would go for 10% raise per lvl that would would be allow you to catch lvl 1 fish by lvl 5 and would still get 100% chance or up to lvl 5 fish you could not possible extra points from perks as it would be too OP in that case
      Ofcouse it would work other way aroun as well an thus oyu would ahve 0% hance to catch lvl 5+ fishes with lvl 0 fishingskill

      but its good suggestion for those who dislike fishing ill give you that
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      • shybobcat

        shybobcat Void-Bound Voyager

        50% was just a random number, I didn't calculate the odds or anything like that :) . All I want is a way to bypass a mini game as I'm having trouble physically reacting and clicking fast enough (or tapping in my case on mobile).
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        • Zosa

          Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

        • shybobcat

          shybobcat Void-Bound Voyager

          Thank you for understanding! I wish I could use that mod but I’m playing on my iPad, no mods can be installed on it.
          • WilliamZ

            WilliamZ Phantasmal Quasar

            I used this fishing skiper mod and it's a little OP, because all the catches are now gold quality.
            I believe that the fishing minigame should be optional, no other way of farming have that behavior, imagine a minigame every time that you had to put hops inside kegs, there would be a lot of complainings.

            I like of fishing, but I hate how RNG the nature of fishing minigame is, I swear that I had battles against pufferfishes more difficult than my attempts to catch a Legend. I wouldn't complain against legendaries because they are unique and are supposed to be a challenge, but regular fishing isn't, it's more a chore than having fun.

            That being said, I don't think that what we speak here is noticed by CA since he isn't with Chucklefish anymore.
            • Kurachi84

              Kurachi84 Cosmic Narwhal

              my brains being damaged makes me being real bad at fishing, so i started using the fishing mod, which allows also infinite bait and tackle durability
              i'm not fond of the fishing part, so when i started SDV, i used only crab pots, and waited for them to level me up, which took very long
              when i started mods (which i started doing with timespeed mod, since the default timer speed stressed me out, in a game i bought to have some relaxing times), i also took this one, and i like catching all fish, and no need for me to watch anything, like the bait being infinite, and when i got Linus' bait, fish started to bite faster (also infinite), plus the tackle i use (treasure hunter) makes treasures spawn more often (started that to get those artifacts, as i don't like museum collecting, but want it filled)

              now i know it's kinda cheap, to never lose my bait and tackle, but i can relax a LOT more nowadays, and since that minigame's gone, i won't need breaks every 2 tries of getting a fish
              warm/hot weather is a double problem for me, so now i just use the fishing rod, catch fish i need (for quests, catfish for willy and at least each fish once, even though you get the achievement with 2-3 fish less... i wanna 100% it)

              1 thing i'd never do, which is "always treasure", that's just too cheap, imo

              also, i forgot to mention the fact that the timer still runs when fishing, so with timespeed mod i already lose time, but people without it, will be having a few fish, and need to run home to sleep in time
              Very short days without mods, and then fishing taking a lot of time.... thats a few days worth fishing, just to get a few, if you can handle the minigame

              i'm happy with these mods, but for others i'd rather see it being doable, too

              i doubt he'd ignore the forums, seeing as it's still a place where people who play SDV, go to
              also, saying this, would make you say the suggestions sub-forum is being useless
              lets just make suggestions, so he'd at least be able to see them

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