Option to re-arrange items in the museum

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by madameclockwork2272, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. madameclockwork2272

    madameclockwork2272 Space Hobo

    This is a minor thing, but I really liked being able to move artifacts and gems around in museum on my Steam copy. I wish I could do that for my Switch version.
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    • margotbean

      margotbean Phantasmal Quasar

      Being able to rearrange the display at any time (even after it's complete) would be nice also.
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      • Fineya

        Fineya Space Hobo

        I agree whit you two. How many times I wished for that: Gems to gems, scrolls to scrolls....
        • Phea

          Phea Big Damn Hero

          I agree so much with this!!! I didn't know you couldn't and my Dwarf Scroll things are everywhere, in completely random places.
          • N33M5

            N33M5 Void-Bound Voyager

            If you donate an artifact, before you place it, you can left click on other artifacts and rearrange them :p
            • Reneeisxena

              Reneeisxena Big Damn Hero

              I've done this on the PS4 version too, just select artifact you want to move and put it where you want. The hardest rows to do is the first table on the bottom because the backpack overlaps it, you can do it but it's tricky.
              • AliCat

                AliCat Poptop Tamer

                I tried to do that on the PS4 but it wont let me select the artefact I want to move. :(
                • Honor Shipping

                  Honor Shipping Big Damn Hero

                  Even though you can already do this, I, too, would like this to be added. I don't always have something to donate, and the amount of times I go in there and the organization is just slightly off, but enough to really bother me... Just thinking about it bothers me.
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                  • Phea

                    Phea Big Damn Hero

                    I can't do it on the PS4 either, it seems. (do you have to have the mouse you can move around freely, not automatically on the buttons? I forgot what this option was called)
                    • mikeloeven

                      mikeloeven Big Damn Hero

                      Yeah some items the way they are positioned you cant even examine them ... I needed to install a mod that lets you click on distant items just to read the flavor text :p
                      • Honor Shipping

                        Honor Shipping Big Damn Hero

                        Maybe, but currently you have to be in the process of donation something to move them. But I'd think that with the snap-mouse (what you seem to have enabled), it'd be easier since you just move it over and it'll be over the item and you wouldn't have to worry about the backpack being in the way of the bottom shelf.

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