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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tchey, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Tchey

    Tchey Void-Bound Voyager

    Hi there,

    I really enjoy the game so far, i've found Josh and i continue the campaign with a smile.

    Something is bothering me, a lot : i dislike the camera following every movements from everyone. Is there any way to stop it ? From the console maybe (Tabulation) ? I just want the camera to stay where i say, and stop jumping everywhere, especially during IA tour.

    • Nepomuk

      Nepomuk Space Hobo

      I'd support this request. The camera moving during the enemy/hidden movement phase doesn’t bother me so much (albeit my team shouldn’t know where the enemy is located as long as they haven’t spotted them). But I agree that during the movement phase of the players team – especially during free movement/exploration mode – it would be preferable to turn off the camera always following each individual character.

      Don’t know if such an option is currently available or if it is possible to implement it in the game now. Would be great though.
      • unstoppableCarl

        unstoppableCarl Space Hobo

        I think the camera behavior during enemy movement is to simulate the sounds the characters can hear and the approximate direction/distance of the sounds (although I don't know if the camera is approximate or exact).

        I find it frustrating when attacking an enemy far enough away that the attacker and enemy cannot be on screen at the same time. I click the character then scroll to the target and confirm the attack. If I want to attack the same target (or often a near target) again I must repeat the process and scroll again. I would prefer the camera return to the position I scrolled to before the attack.

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