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    I may have made a mistake this time, but this just really riled me up!

    I was just going around this planet, I think Aroni Expanse, and he showed his face.

    It was more like a blur, but he did. I thought I wouldn’t ever have to see it again.

    He walked up to me in such a non threatening manner, I just blew it off.

    Then he attacked me, out of the blue. It was like a tornado struck me.

    A small, bright, red tornado.

    He destroyed me. I thought I could never lose a fight until now.

    I can’t face my friends anymore. That don’t look at me the same once they hear of this.

    They’ll laugh and ridicule me for this.

    How could I let this happen!

    I should have erupted then and there, but he got away, and now

    I cannot get these damned things off!

    What type of adhesive did he use, these googly eyes will not come undone!

    Damn you Jamie Stevens!

    I will get my revenge!

    I swear it on my grave.

    You pissed of the wrong member of the Dimethyl family!

    Caddy out-

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