Old Mariner shouldn't need money

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by endly, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. endly

    endly Starship Captain

    well, what does a ghost have anything to do with money? to pay Charon the ferryman?
    it would make more sense if an item is required to trade for the Pendant instead of money, something like Ghost Fish perhaps, or the rarer item like Ghost Crystal.
    or maybe it could be made like he needs a Rainbow Shell or Nautilus Shell to make the Pendant, the dialogue would be something like "It's an old tradition to make the Pendant, i can make it for you, but i'd need a Rainbow Shell to make one, lad" then the player proceeds to give him the Shell if he/she have it in the bag.

    you get the picture, it's just money doesn't makes sense for a ghost. if you want it to be expensive or to make players save up money for marriage, you can increase the price of the Bouquet to 5000G instead, but not the Pendant.
    • Scritchowl

      Scritchowl Big Damn Hero

      Why not just allow the wedding ring to be substituted?

      You ether pay the ghost or make it yourself with a rng reliant prismatic shard
      • WilliamZ

        WilliamZ Phantasmal Quasar

        This made me wonder that all the marriages in Pelican Town was set by a ghost...
        • endly

          endly Starship Captain

          this also made me wonder that if a priest of Yoba sends the ghost to "the other side" and never come back again,
          then "no ghost, no marriage" scenario will occur to the entire population, lol xD
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          • Scritchowl

            Scritchowl Big Damn Hero

            I think pam scared off the ghost or mayor lewis might know where its body is buried.

            Marnie and lewis. Why cant we get in a relationship lewis? Marnie I cant get you a pendant. Why not lewis? Because he knew about my statue, I had him removed

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