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    What is Starbound?

    Starbound is a brand new project from Team Chucklefish. Check out the about page for a full description!
    Who is producing Starbound?

    Starbound is being built entirely by Chucklefish games.
    When is it coming out?

    2013! We’ve given vague estimates in the past that have turned out to be wrong– giving an accurate ETA for a game of Starbound’s size is hard! But rest assured we will release in 2013, and as soon as we know exactly when, we’ll announce it.
    What platforms will I be able to play Starbound on?

    At launch Starbound will support Windows, Mac, and Linux.
    Will there be a console version?

    After the PC release we’ll see how viable a console release is, we’d love for as many people to get their hands on the game as possible.
    Will it be multiplayer?

    Starbound will be fully cooperatively and competitively multiplayer, the number of players is entirely up to the server and we’re working hard to ensure the server is built with server communities in mind.
    What will it cost?

    The price is still TBD, but we want it to be accessible for everyone!
    Will there be a beta?

    Right now we have no plans for a public beta, but that could change! If it does, we’ll say so.
    What are the system requirements?

    The game is still in development at the moment, so the specs are subject to change. But we’ve had good success running it on very old hardware so far!
    Can I talk about/post videos of your game on Youtube/Twitter?

    Of course you can! If you’re a Youtube partner and are worried you’ll need written consent in order to monetize videos that make use of Starbound content, consider this your written consent– we’re cool with you monetizing videos that make use of Starbound content!
    What language is Starbound coded in?

    Is there anything else I should know about Starbound?

    There are a plethora of unannounced features yet to mention! Stay tuned to the Dev blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebookto find out more.
    Where can I follow/contact you?

    Head over to the contact page to say hi, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and get involved on the forums and live chat! The team is there pretty much all the time.

    Will I be able to ride this?
    Yup! [​IMG]

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