REQUEST NPC Reaction to Bachelor and Bachelorrete Wooing and Marriage

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Do you wish that NPCs would occasionally comment on your choice of partner?

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  1. PsychoAmanda

    PsychoAmanda Space Hobo

    Now I've no idea about modding and I'm sure this is a bit of a complicated request. But I'd really love to actually have characters in game react to the wooing of a specific person based upon their relationship to them and their reactions and randomized statements about that person after you've married them and had a child. Again, I've no idea how this would work or if it is even possible. I just feel somewhat disappointed that after marrying Sebastian, no one comments on it, not even his family! I just feel a little incomplete about it. :cry:
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    • tokiri

      tokiri Big Damn Hero

      I hope that this will come in an official update someday! I totally agree though, it makes marriage feel like it isn't really apart of the game, but rather something disconnected and separate.

      If it never gets put in game, I hope that a mod does eventually show up to make marriage feel more immersive! ;o;
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      • pencilstab

        pencilstab Pangalactic Porcupine

        I think that'd be amazing, while I do love Stardew Valley so far, I do feel like the romance/event scenes are sort of lacking in comparison to the rest of the game... Or perhaps I'm just too cynical, given I was such a huge fan of the Harvest Moon series! It would feel more immersive if it were possible
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        • daikiraikimi

          daikiraikimi Astral Cartographer

          I felt the exact same way when I got married. Like, I was engaged to be married in three days and his family didn't have anything to say. I didn't get congratulated by townsfolk I was close to or anything. :(

          If this could be made in a mod, or better yet official, I would be super stoked!
          • taintedwheat

            taintedwheat Master Astronaut

            I know that this isn't exactly relevent to the topic but it would be cool if your spouse gave your character a unique perk, and different for each possible candidate.

            Like Harvey, loose stamina slower or half price on medicine and recustation.
            • Shiro1104

              Shiro1104 Void-Bound Voyager

              I've just read CA's thought on this on his twitter a few hours ago. He said he was thinking of something along the line, but in the end, didn't want people to choose a marriage candidate simply for the perk he/she provides.
              • daikiraikimi

                daikiraikimi Astral Cartographer

                Speaking of perks, I think it would be cool if your spouse kept their job when you got married. For example, I haven't seen Sebastian doing his programming work from my farm since we got hitched. He helps out in the morning occasionally, but I do most of the farm work, and I think it would be cool if he got to keep his career.

                Maybe a quest or something could be done to set up an internet connection on our farm, then on some days there is a deposit of money from his job. (Could do something similar with other spouses, such as selling art or gadgets, or whatever else they would be doing.)
                • Trifoilum

                  Trifoilum Cosmic Narwhal

                  Yeah, perks and buffs seems to be against what CA intended it to be, so I'm not counting on that.

                  But townspeople's reaction? YES. I really want to. Especially some related people (Emily regarding Haley, Sam regarding Sebastian and vice versa, George and Evelyn regarding Alex, etc)
                  • pesard

                    pesard Void-Bound Voyager

                    Well yeah in rune factory 4 they are so many guilt trip lol

                    like when you starting relationship with multiple girl at the same time and some girl will start guilt trip you and make you feel really bad doing that

                    but it really good it make me feel like i done something bad and it should be this way in stardew we can just woo anyone and kiss all girl with no consequence
                    • She Meows

                      She Meows Subatomic Cosmonaut

                      Wanna see other npcs get married after you trigger their date cutsenes

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