Modding Help NPC Not following schedule (potential pathing issue?)

Discussion in 'Mods' started by LunaBracer, Aug 6, 2021.

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    Hello! I'm pretty new to modding, but I thought trying to bring one of my OCs into Stardew was a good way to start. I attempted to use an NPC creator tool, but didn't have much luck with the schedule. So, I decided to try and do everything from scratch while looking at the schedule of another NPC to make sure I formatted it correctly. I have no problems with the NPC spawning, but she keeps spawning locked in direction 0 (facing up/away from the player).

    I thought it might be an issue with pathing, since I have her start in the Wizard's house. I'm not sure if that map is good for NPC pathing, considering Rasmodius never leaves, so I tried moving her starting position to the bus stop, but she still just stands away from me, and she doesn't follow any schedule I put her on.

    For testing, considering the file I'm loading in is in summer, I have her schedule set as such:

    "summer": "610 BusStop 10 22 2/700 BusStop 9 14 3"

    I'm not sure how to upload something like this. When I say new I mean new to pretty much everything, I don't even know how to compile a .zip to make it easier.

    I checked to make sure the content.json was loading the proper file with no capitalization errors, and everything seems fine. But when I loaded it up, she still just stands still. Dialogue and everything else seems to work just fine, I just can't get her to move anywhere. No matter what I set as her starting point, she faces away.

    Is there a way I can see what maps allow for pathing? I can't figure out the issue for the life of me.

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