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Discussion in 'Side Quests' started by FernBlaze, Aug 20, 2018.

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    So, Apparently they put bounty hunting on hold.
    But.. There's still novakids that need love..

    I actually kind of got this idea from a comment on desert battle 2, so uh, if you made the comment and you're reading this, hi yes hello-

    Anyway, my suggestion is (to use the desert battle theme), have a top-of-the-train battle with a novakid outlaw. I feel like since Novakids have been kind of neglected lore-wise, it'd make sense to have at least one kind of quest // battle that's themed after them.
    But imagine this:
    You get a quest from someone in a village, maybe a hooded stranger, maybe a guard, or maybe it's a just from a map, hearing of a novakid outlaw that's notorious for doing x thing, and they're trying to track him down, since x thing was severe or something like that.
    (maybe the reward could be materials, armor, or an unholy amount of pixels)
    So you beam down onto the top of a moving train, and it's fairly silent, before the outlaw appears, jumping down onto the top as well, ready to fight.
    He'd use mainly ranged weapons, guns, etc. and do it in odd patterns, only stopping to reload. Not only that, but you have to duck to avoid the oncoming tunnels as the train moves.
    A few attacks I have in mind:
    Burst shots, they shoot in threes in whichever direction you were in before.
    Pound, they stop and pound the train, causing it to throw you in the air and take damage, usually before a tunnel.
    and other randomised attacks.

    (Also, I don't know if this post goes here, please tell me if it belongs somewhere else oop)

    But yeah, not only would It make up for the whole bounty hunting thing, it could also open up for more novakid lore, new weapons and/or armor, and just drops in general.

    What do you guys think?

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