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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by eon_noir, May 4, 2018.

  1. eon_noir

    eon_noir Space Hobo

    Hi, i was wondering if its possible for you guys to fix the share gold.... kinda makes me want to stop playing the game. Would be nice to have the option to opt out of it. Kinda annoying not to have separate accounts when u already got a separate house.... Theres a lot of people that wont like this aspcect of sharing gold, Even with buddies.I want to have the option to upgrade my house and show it off and build separate farming areas
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    • CO-HAN

      CO-HAN Space Hobo

      I agree, I think you should have separate bank accounts but, I think you should also have the option to gift someone an amount of gold if you wanted to.
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      • Reselleh

        Reselleh Aquatic Astronaut

        I kinda like it. Maybe make it optional somehow?
        • eon_noir

          eon_noir Space Hobo

          Yeah optional would have been awsome :) Love the game, and its such a shame that the shared gold can ruin it for some players, and then theyll stop playing it :( i'm still bumping it with the shared gold tho. :D its more to do on this game then it is to do on sea of thieves x)
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          • Shuwen

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            Yeah, sometimes you trust people to use the shared gold in a wise way but there's always that one player that could just use it for their own purpose, upsetting the other players, the shared gold is great for people that really trust the ones they're playing with but an option to have individual funds is really needed for when you play with people that you might be playing for the first time with, because you can't know for sure they won't just go and use your hard earned currency in whatever they want. 1+ this thread.
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            • Dinosocks

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              With sharing gold comes the obvious issues of "who gets to buy what" and "nobody buy anything we can't afford". But you must remember that in CO OP you all live on the same farm and are all working towards a common goal, together. If money was to start being separate then people would be much less inclined to work together and living together on the same farm would be much less fun, because you can't all just divy out parts of the farm and go your own way, that would end up being a nightmare with the growth of the farm and everyone having their crops and their animals. If you're having trouble in your game with people not cooperatively spending money and bad communication, just talk it out and explain that you're all in it together. If you can't do that, ask yourself why you are even playing with them.

              That being said having the option to say, budget or have some kind of personal income for things like bags/tools would not be a bad idea and i encourage that the money system does receive a rework in multiplayer. But simply having everyone earn their own money is not the best option and would cause more problems than it solves. It's good there is a beta so we can work things like this out first.
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              • trapisti

                trapisti Lucky Number 13

                I agree on having the option to turn off sharing of gold.
                When we started to play with friends, we stopped immediately, because this bothered us so much.
                We all have different ideas what to do. Someone wants to buy the 12 pack bag ASAP, others just want to farm all day, I want to upgrade my tools, and so on.
                There is so much to spend on, and because we don't share the upgrades its a big toll on the money. Some things cost a lot, especially early game.

                The option would be good for everyone, if you like to play with shared gold, or separate gold you can just toggle it when creating the server.
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