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No spawns in tidal pools area?

Discussion in 'Support' started by FriedPotatoes, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. FriedPotatoes

    FriedPotatoes Intergalactic Tourist

    It's summer the 3rd, and I just fixed the bridge, but there's nothing here. Couldn't see it from the bridge during the spring either, before the broken bridge was fixed.

    Do sea urchins and everything else vanish between seasons, or might it be that nothing has spawned since the beginning of the game? Normally, I have found loads here once fixing the bridge. Bug or feature?

    I am wondering if I should restart the game, in case this might be a bug and urchins and corals will never ever spawn in that area making me get stuck later on...

    Ok. A coral appeared a rainy sunday two weeks later, so it might just be that the spawns are removed in between seasons. :)
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    • Pangaea

      Pangaea Forum Moderator

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