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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by catpudding, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. catpudding

    catpudding Intergalactic Tourist

    Hi there, I was wondering if anybody has run into the same problem since the update? I haven't touched the game in months since before the update and now that I'm playing it again, I haven't seen a single fish in any water body, not even in the Ice Festival...Is this normal? I am level 10 fishing with the Iridium rod btw, I felt that it never got this bad for me before the update.

    Would like to add that I am getting trash every time I fish if that helps.
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    • gummywyrms

      gummywyrms Big Damn Hero

      Personally, I haven't had a problem. Could just be bad luck. Are you using bait and tackle to increase the bite rate? I think those will lower your chances of getting trash.
      • catpudding

        catpudding Intergalactic Tourist

        Yeah, I am using bait, no tackle though. I doubt a tackle would change much.

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