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    Stardew Valley is now being beta tested in six new languages. We’ve had a lot of players ask since the game was initially released for more supported languages on the wiki. It’s required some careful planning, but now seemed like the right time to roll out ‘official support’ for these languages with the addition of six new connected wikis.

    One of the biggest concerns with ‘player translating’ wiki pages before official language support rolled out was having things become out of sync with the game’s official translation and forcing a lot of backtracking, cleanup, and re-translation. Now that there’s in-game language support, everything can be sourced directly from the game with ‘official terminology’.

    These new wikis are mostly empty, but should have the framework (all templates, site configuration, styling) for beta testers to get started. Aside from page links, most English pages should be able to easily copy over into new languages (translators make sure to read below). Read the template page for details if something isn’t working correctly. Ideally, if players contribute during this beta testing phase there will be a number of translated articles when the patch goes live.

    I also want to make sure to point out - this new language support is just for the wikis, these forums are still English only, so please keep any non-English discussions inside wiki talk pages.

    Here are the sub-domains for each language (English will remain unchanged);

    Getting Started

    User Accounts
    These wikis share the same user pool, so anyone with an account on the English wiki already can start translating into these new sites. Login info is shared between all the wikis - so there’s no need to create a new account. Also setting your language preference under account preferences will carry over between all other language sites, so you’ll always see the wiki software text in your preferred language when switching back and forth.

    Even though the account details are shared, login sessions may not be - so users may have to log into two wikis if they want to work on both at the same time.

    Images are pooled as well, making all of the images already on the English wiki available in every language, so there’s no need to upload images for each new site. There are a few language specific screens/screenshots which will probably be required, they can be uploaded through the normal process and will be avail in any language.

    Sharing an image pool means that there's going to be a lot of English content referenced as image names. We decided it was preferable to set it up this way to make available all the images on the English wiki immediately. The English filenames will only be visible when editing a page, and will be almost invisible to those simply reading the site. This also should make translating easier as it reduces the amount of changes needed when copy/pasting in an English page.

    I made a few pages to test that templates were working correctly. Editors can see here where the "alt" parameter has been applied to templates, and how most English content can remain intact when moving over pages.
    All game names/descriptions were sourced directly from the game files, you'll also notice there's now a source file for each new language inside the games assets.

    When Translating

    Creating Pages
    New pages can be created by entering the page name in the URL and if it doesn’t exist the option is available to create. Creating (and editing) can only be done by those with accounts, just like the English wiki.

    There’s also a CAPTCHA which appears when a new page is created. If any members have interest in creating a number of pages, contact me with your wiki user name and I can add you to the translator group, which will make you CAPTCHA exempt for new pages.

    All pre-existing wiki templates are inter-language linked and currently in English. They exist as individual templates though, and can be changed/completely translated on each site. The decision to keep all existing templates in English was made to make moving pages over easier, as well as to reduce confusion about the original templates they were sourced from. Feel free to translate the elements within each template as needed - and always make sure to test your changes with any template updates!

    Linking Pages (sidebar)
    One of the key features we’re rolling out is inter-language linking for each page. This will need to be maintained inside each article. Links can be placed in the page to add a sidebar link for the page in other languages

    Enter this at the very bottom of an article to make the sidebar links appear (replacing ‘Language Pagename’ with the actual page name of each article on the other wiki(s).) The language link for the page you're inserting into can be removed.
    [[de:German Pagename]]
    [[en:English Pagename]]
    [[es:Spanish Pagename]]
    [[ja:Japanese Pagename]]
    [[pt:Portuguese Pagename]]
    [[ru:Russian Pagename]]
    [[zh:Chinese Pagename]]
    Try to keep them ordered alphabetically this way, it will help maintain interface consistency and keep things clean. If pages aren't available in these other languages it's fine to leave them off the list. As players make those corresponding pages, please update the inter-language links for each other language to keep things organized.

    Linking Pages (in article)
    Pages can also have inter-language links inside article text. The format for this is [[:en:English Pagename|link display]]. For the most part try to keep linking internal to the wiki language unless there’s a specific reason. As the wikis grow we don’t want to have links which lead players outside their language and force them to navigate back into it.

    Design Uniformity
    For consistency try to make the page designs match their other language counterparts. This will obviously be out of sync for pages as time goes on - but attention to this when translating pages will help keep the site ‘cohesive’. One of the goals is to make sure it feels like the same wiki, and it’s not a collection of completely separate sites.

    If someone is familiar with where information is on a page it’s important they can move to another language and find that same information. We don’t want users to need to ‘re-learn’ where info is if they’ve already been using the wiki.

    Translation Categorization

    Categorizing semi-translated pages will help direct other translators what should be cleaned up. There should be an ‘Untranslated Pages’ category link in the sidebar. Please add incomplete pages to this category, and remove the category from those pages once they’ve been cleaned up.

    If anyone has any questions, or encounters any technical issues feel free to contact me via PM on these forums or post inside this thread. I can also be contacted on my English language wiki talk page.
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    • Tigerle

      Tigerle Subatomic Cosmonaut

      I wanted do register, because i wanted to edit the german wiki. But with every try there is a database error.
      • Katzeus

        Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

        Sorry about that - looks like a permissions error we didn't squash during setup. I just tested, it should work for you now!
        • weissbaer

          weissbaer Void-Bound Voyager

          Works just fine to register. One problem though: the main page is not editable, but there are quite some mistakes in the introduction text.
          • Katzeus

            Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

            Oh thanks! I'd locked the main page to prevent vandalism, and didn't even think about it needing possible translation cleanup. I've unlocked them now - you should be able to edit.
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            • weissbaer

              weissbaer Void-Bound Voyager

              So I fixed the german main page maybe leave it open for a little while longer just in case i did not see a mistake or someone has a better translation.

              Also it says "Offizielle Forum" in the link section where it should say "Offizielles Forum". I just have no clue where to change that..
              • Katzeus

                Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

                I've updated the sidebar - how's that look?
                • weissbaer

                  weissbaer Void-Bound Voyager

                  • sacredbishop

                    sacredbishop Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    That's actually great!

                    I have started translatin abigail's page (spanish), it may take me some time (it's a lot to translate) but i'll try my best.
                    • CoolChick

                      CoolChick Void-Bound Voyager

                      That's really cool! I'll start translating the Portuguese one, lol. What an honour.
                      • tobimeira

                        tobimeira Yeah, You!

                        Please, we need update and Brazilian language on PS4. Do not forget the console players, we're feeling abandoned.
                        • komcsi

                          komcsi Space Hobo

                          How can I add a new language? I want to translate the Stardew Valley Wiki to hungarian but I can't translate the home page. I want a new subdomain like with hungarian language. Who can help me?
                          • Katzeus

                            Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

                            We're going to focus on supporting the official languages from the game for right now. If the game expands into new languages in the future it's going to be really difficult to sort out 'official' vs 'fan' translations for everything.

                            It's definitely something we can look at in the future, but for right now we're not going to add translations for other languages yet!
                            • Borodin

                              Borodin Oxygen Tank

                              • vanellopeb

                                vanellopeb Tentacle Wrangler

                                Hello everyone! I'm new here, I decided to join just to say that, if you need, I'm available to help with Italian language (I've read some time ago that the game should support it at one point, idk if they changed their minds). So, if it's for the game, or the Wiki, I'm here to help translate what you need. Keep up with the good job!
                                • Nyarl

                                  Nyarl Intergalactic Tourist

                                  Meybe u make game and wiki in Polish language?
                                  • Tam'

                                    Tam' Orbital Explorer

                                    You will have all of Europe except French. :nuruninja::illuminati:
                                    • novastar13

                                      novastar13 Big Damn Hero

                                      Hi there !
                                      Any new about ps4 patch with translation ?
                                      Game just released on android with french language in..
                                      Pc have it...

                                      Stardew was released on ps4 in first (after pc ofc) and have the older version :/

                                      Actually i dont care multi or whatever on it.. only french is required... some ppl in my family dont speak english at all :(

                                      It is a bit frustating to see all other support updated and nothing on ps4...

                                      If someone have any news.
                                      Thanks for your answer ans your work ! Keep going
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                                      • DaZz974

                                        DaZz974 Yeah, You!

                                        Same for the Nintendo Switch...
                                        We need support for French !

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