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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by captainrumbarrels, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. captainrumbarrels

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    Hey folks I've been working on a mod that adds new resources to the game to add fun and challenge to the survival mode. I managed to patch in both new resources as shown in the screenshot into the player.config along with respective resourceDeltas - at least I'm pretty sure that's what it is since I literally cloned the Food resource. I'll say that everything has turned out well. However I feel as if I have the game updating the resource as normal but I can't link change in a resource amount to a progress bar. Even if I were to create a status effect that increases or decreases the new resources based on the Food bar, I cannot reflect that change in the progress bar. Advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated since I feel the problem is a lot simpler than it sounds and I'm simply looking in the wrong section of the assets folder.

    So to reiterate the point - I'm looking to link the change in a value of a resource to the GUI progress bar for that resource.


    (Also in case you are wondering, yes the two resources shown here is piss and shit)
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    I haven't modded in a while - but last time I checked the Visual HUD doesn't update only the Character GUI. Things might have changed since I last tried.

    Either way one place to try is
    Freenode IRC \ ##starbound-modding

    Sometimes devs hang out there and you can ask them directly
  3. captainrumbarrels

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    One of the members of my discord server has asked the devs on the chucklefish twitter. I'll give the IRC a shot. Another alternative was to run a lua script that uses some sort of draw function. An example would have been in the mech deployment script or something of the sort. I could as an alternative do such a draw function, call of specific graphic files like the mech script does (in this case the energy bar it uses), and set the XY coordinates for that GUI in the top left of the screen. but then again my concern with doing such a thing would be that the change in resolution would affect the placement of the resource bar.

    As the saying goes - ask and you shall receive.
    Guess I'll have to ask and hopefully receive (^^,)

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