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How should the Luck Charm be acquired?

  1. A Quest treasure.

  2. Found in either the Mines, Skull Cavern, or an entirely new dungeon.

  3. Bought from the Fortune Teller or the Wizard.

  4. Found anywhere! (including bushes, trees, fishing, etc.)

  5. In a different way than what's listed here, which I will share in post.

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  1. Xamerzan

    Xamerzan Cosmic Narwhal

    DISCLAIMER: I do know that there is a mod (probably other ones too) that makes it so you can see what your daily luck is already, but I thought it'd be fun to make an item that could be naturally found in the game.

    So I thought it'd be fun to have an in-game item that we could have on our person - or is used upon collecting it... the Luck Charm! The simple idea behind this trinket is that it allows you to determine what your luck is like for the day so it removes the need to watch the TV.

    Here's what the item could look like: [​IMG]

    Here's where the little indicator icon would be after collecting the item:

    Tell me what you guys think!
    • Foxska

      Foxska Space Hobo

      but watching the TV is fun tho~
      it's a cool idea, but with that I was thinking maybe it would be like a 'lucky clover' hunting LOL
      it'll be like a forage thing, but four leafs and three leaf clover :rofl:.... if the player gets a lucky one then the luck increases and if the player doesn't get the lucky leaf then it's just.... i donno... an ordinary clover leaf :rofl: .

      speaking of which....
      LETS HAVE A LEPRECHAUN IN GAME!!!! :rofl: and we can have friendship with the leprechaun too
      and instead of money we can use the clover leaf as the leprechaun's currency. (totally out of topic ;w; i am so sorry..i probably don't even make sense)

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