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    Thread Poster's Note: I'm going to be calling my characters "builds" on and off again. "Builds" in how I'm using the word aren't referring to any sort of structure, but how I made said character. For example, "she's a sword and shield build" means "she's made towards heavy use of shortswords and shields". What can I say, I played too much Bethesda before Starbound.

    Just doing this for the heck of it since I really, really want to talk about my main builds. I'll add more as I continue playing Unstable - I just don't have the heart to delete my mains on the standard game - and provide a bit of a bio to each.
    First things first, Platina - my pistol/staff build:


    Bio: Platina was a member of the Protectorate before its inevitable "downfall". Traumatized by the experience, she tries her best to move on with things as she begins her journey into Universal Entrepreneurship. She's a pacifist by heart, but isn't afraid to pull her own weight - or the trigger - when push comes to shove.

    Racial Relationships: She has a strong attachment to Glitch, finding their cold, metallic bodies warm and inviting, and has a bottomless resentment to Florans - think of it as an old woman bringing her purse closer to her when she sees a black man - that's slowly blossoming to a deep-rooted hatred for them. Hylotl, on the other hand, she respects, oftentimes wishing she were born one instead of human. She's neutral with the Apex and Novakids; however, being Christian by nature, she's a bit less accepting to Avian culture.

    Likes: city life, engineering, metalworking, technology - sometimes getting called a technophile by her friends and peers, recycling discarded parts, life

    Hates: Florans, anything related to wood, getting interrupted while she's talking, curveballs/wrenches in the works, running out of materials
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    It's been a while, but here's Tarula - my fire/greatsword build:


    Bio: Tarula's a simple Floran that likes simple things, in essence. What she comes across as, however, is a tyrannical monster who conquers planets in the name of the Hunt and Floran-kind. She has strong views on the Hunt and will gut you if you think otherwise.

    Racial Relationships: Hates everyone, but humans the most; however, Florans - her own race - are a 50/50 split: if they enjoy being violent, she lets them live; if they seek pacifism, she watches what happens when a Floran comes to contact with open flame again (she has a sick sense of humor).

    Likes: doors, chairs, hunting, "meats", the Hunt, her "ultimate hunt"

    Hates: Any other race, Greenfinger Flora, pacifistic Florans, Florans who turn their backs on the Hunt, vegetables

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