My list of tweaks and corrections this game could need.

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    Hello everyone, i been playing Stardew Valley since early 2016 and been making notes on features, items and more, that i felt could be improved or tweaked one way or another, this is not my full list, but contains some of the more important topics from said list (except the last one)

    Cooking always felt like it needed something, it felt hollow from the first time i cooked in Stardew Valley and still does, what could be done to improve that is add a mini-game of some sort, just like fishing has one why not cooking too?
    another thing that could be added on top of that is food quality, depending on how well you did in the cooking mini-game the food could be anywhere from no star to iridium star.

    The difficulty is another thing that saddened me a bit, here you have a great game but why should it also be super easy to get though? while some Harvest Moon games (like Harvest Moon: Hero Of Leaf Valley) got a tad bit too difficult,
    i had hopped Stardew Valley could provide a balanced challenge but it didn't, aside from the very beginning, the game quickly became easier and easier and before i knew it, i had more gold then i knew what to do with,
    my suggestions would be to add a hard mode of some sort, or make it harder to obtain gold and some of the rare items in the game.

    Another thing i would like to see tweaked is the Obelisks, Witch's Hut and Return Scepter, all of these provide specific but powerful services, however i think that they are a tad bit too available,
    perhaps make them require multiple items to use, or add a gold requirement into the mix, having both an item and gold required to use said services.

    And for the love of everything farm-able, give us a decent fridge sounds, whenever we open and close the fridge.

    Note, i recently wrote a review on Stardew Valley you can read

    Thanks for reading.
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