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    I had a great time building this place, but I just found out that I'm still in the unstable universe. When I update this world will be wiped out.

    Benders House, bug collection tower, and sky garden.
    Bender's House.jpg Bug Tower and Sky Garden.jpg

    This was a dungeon I built under Bender's house with a retractable bridge over a pool of lava.
    Secret Dungeon.jpg

    Asteroid Party House. I built a stairway to the top of the map to get here.
    Asteroid Party Shack.jpg

    Aquatic Garden outside of Bender's house
    Aqua Garden.jpg

    Greenhouse next to Bender's house. It's about twice as big as what you can see onscreen.

    Lake and a Cave I built
    Cavern Lake.jpg

    Floating Island Above the Cave
    Floating Island.jpg

    Crystal Cottage on top of the floating island
    Crystal Cabin.jpg

    Lakeside Bayou Shack
    Lakeside Bayou Shack.jpg

    I Carved out a cave to the center of the planet and put a ton of treasure at the end of it.
    Lava Pits of the Treasure Cave.jpg Planet's Core Treasure.jpg

    I built a library with a secret attic you could get into by finding the trick bookshelf. It's the one with a golden ducky on top of it.
    Secret Library Attic.jpg Library.jpg

    Gotta have a hot tub
    Chill Spot.jpg


    "Look at me, I'm Zoidberg! Homeowner!" Built this on the bottom of the lake.
    Zoiderg's House.jpg

    I hate to see it go, but the next world I build is going to be so much better. And if anyone is wondering, Fry has a cottage in the flower forest, but it isn't worth taking a pic of.[DOUBLEPOST=1423425027][/DOUBLEPOST]
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    You should have this moved to the screenshots forum. It'd probably get more attention there.
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    Thanks, this is my first time on any kind of internet forum. I'm still figuring out how things work.

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