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My concerns about Starbound controls on console

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by dietdrdoom, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. dietdrdoom

    dietdrdoom Space Hobo

    Today I revisited Terraria on PS3 (after probably seven years or something), and I was reminded of why I spent virtually no time playing it. It was really difficult getting the cursor to move where I wanted it to without losing control and veering off course (if that makes any sense). For a game like Terraria, manipulating the environment requires a lot of precision, so I’m worried that Starbound could end up with the same problem on console.

    If you’ve ever played Terraria on console, you could probably tell right away that the devs must have spent a lot of time and effort trying to refine the cursor controls. But even then, the game actually tells you in the tutorial that placing objects in the environment is tricky, and then offers you the option to toggle how it controls at the press of a button. And to be clear, both types of controls had the problem I mentioned.

    So Chucklefish, can you tell us if there is any planned mouse and keyboard support, and if there isn’t, is there anything you can tell or show us that might help relieve our (my) anxiety around this? I know you guys do great work, but it’d be a real downer if the game was hampered by this problem.

    NOTE: To the other people posting here, if you have anything to complain or be cynical about, go somewhere else. There’s enough of that on the internet already.
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