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Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by Unassuming Obelisk, Jul 23, 2016.

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    • Risukage

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      *Applause.* Man, EVERYONE is getting into the writing scene here. Hurrah! And don't be shy! This place is the first I ever posted any of my own written works as well, and I've gained a lot of experience and confidence for it. Welcome to the club, have a coffee. c[_]
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      • Pudassassin

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        Welcome to the comunity! Feel free to post your work here. [​IMG]
        • Gabaw

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          Short but well written :confirm: Unfortunately I'm romance-intolerant but that's a sign you're doing things right :p
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          • Gabaw

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            Your Seb is quite the romantic eh? He can also lift more than a keyboard and mouse so there's that too :rofl:
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