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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by onifey, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. onifey

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    (Post updated with new information 12/8/13)

    My friends and I feel it is really odd that you as a player can only have a single Tech active at any give time, leaving the only method of switching the powers in the inventory menu. Was there a reason for this? I can't figure out the logic behind it.

    Its very common in games to allow players to use powers like Energy Dash and Pulse Jump together, allowing for high mobility fights and exploration. The current Starbound build however limits players to only have one Tech power active at a time. This is in addition to only being able to equip 4 Tech powers at a time from your ship, most if not all of these powers drawing from your energy pool.

    So my question is this: Why limit it to a single active power?

    It seems unnecessary given the 4-equip limit and energy bar systems would prevent overuse. We feel that the game play would benefit from being able to use multiple techs in conjunction, such as Energy Dash and Pulse Jump, without having to clumsily change them in the inventory system.

    I'd draw comparisons to other games benefiting from this (namely the Mega Man series) where there were multiple powers to switch to but the mobility powers were always on such as dash and double jumps. (Even the older games which used inventory screen power switching only worked because the game would pause, and starbound is currently pause-less.)

    Many times I've found myself coming to a ledge that is to high to reach, having to stop, switch powers, then upon continuing in my exploration, try to Dash only to groan and remember that I haven't switch back. This normally results in a quick death from what ever monster I was attempting to dash from, as the speed and power of most enemies are greater than yours. This makes it rather impractical to have any power other than Energy Dash equipped for combat, which is sad because Pulse Jump has its place too, just not at the expense of your speed and mobility.

    A buddy of mine also pointed out that its far easier to equip a stack of 1000 dirt (you know you have at least one stack of 1000), hold your mouse under your character and "Earth Bender" your way up and over obstacles. This is not only mildly entertaining, but much faster and user friendly than having to stop and switch to Pulse jump then switch back using the inventory screen.

    I'd propose that the limit be removed allowing for all currently equipped Techs to be active, or if that would cause problems perhaps allow for multiple power toggles on the inventory screen to let players choose which powers they want to have active. At the very least a better way to quickly switch between them that does not involve menu diving.

    (Note: some one pointed out some powers do in fact use the same inputs, which would lead me to say there would be merit in the toggle system, with Techs who use the same input simply overriding and deactivating the other when one is toggled on, while allowing other powers that compliment each other to be active and ready at the press of a button.)

    After some practice I managed to travel large distances by leaving the menu open and switching between Energy Dash and Pulse Jump with my mouse, so the potential for fun is there, though that method is extremely impractical for combat.

    If any one reading this feels the same way please reply to this post supporting this change or leave your ideas on how to improve the current system. Even just typing "I agree" or something short and to the point will gain this change attention, increasing the chances of our space pirates and plant people being able to dash and rocket jump their way to victory!

    And if the devs are reading this, You guys are doing a great job with regular updates! Please think it over. Thanks =3
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  2. Azure1354

    Azure1354 Intergalactic Tourist

    I agree with this. I would like to combine the Tech powers in interesting ways. The 4 Tech limit + energy requirements should be enough to keep it from being abused.
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  3. fyat66

    fyat66 Space Hobo

    Totally agree
  4. Lewa2321

    Lewa2321 Space Hobo

    I was surprised to find that the current system wasn't already like this. I agree with this completely.
  5. Galeshi1

    Galeshi1 Space Hobo

    I'm interested in hearing some more feedback on this one, as I haven't gotten far enough to test out Tech myself.
  6. Daffodill

    Daffodill Astral Cartographer

    Just found this out today. Very surprising indeed! I would prefer it robe able to have 4 active at the same time
  7. Galeshi1

    Galeshi1 Space Hobo

    Hmm. It would seem I need to work on getting off the starting planet to mess with Tech myself, then.
  8. Avoilunen

    Avoilunen Space Hobo

    It doesn't seem like it'd be terribly hard to accomplish, it's not like the control inputs overlap.
  9. onifey

    onifey Master Chief

    Wow! I knew I felt this way but to have so many people actively post and agree so quickly... This needs to happen! Multiple Techs for every one!!!
  10. Geranguas

    Geranguas Master Chief

    If not this, then a way to quick-swap between techs. The current method for swapping them out is very disruptive to the current flow of the game. I wouldn't mind being limited to just one at a time if I could swap them on the fly, rather than having to stop everything I'm doing to be able to change them. That being said, a way to combine techs would possibly be a better route than having multiples. Combining, for instance, Pulse Jump and Energy Dash into one, but performing either resulting in a... I dunno, 10% increase in energy consumption, might be a way to go.
  11. Davarpe

    Davarpe Void-Bound Voyager

    I really agree! I'm one of those who thought you may be able to use all 4 techs at a time from the beginning!
  12. Kistaria Prime

    Kistaria Prime Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Wait wait wait, you mean you can only use one tech ability at a time? Well that seems silly, as there's four boxes.
  13. Endy Gainer

    Endy Gainer Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh god yes, this. Considering most every enemy is at speed or faster than you, being able to combine my Pulse Jump and Energy Dash techs would be a godsend. There is no reason why you should have to switch between them via a UI window beyond equipping the things.
  14. CaptainKreepingDeath

    CaptainKreepingDeath Void-Bound Voyager

    It kind of seems like multiple techs at once are intended, but they want to be sure they work on their own first, being a beta and all. Still, I agree.
  15. Kadath

    Kadath Void-Bound Voyager

    Found out about this just a moment ago :C
  16. Lewa2321

    Lewa2321 Space Hobo

    Looking at all the changes in today's patch makes me hope something will happen addressing this soon!
  17. onifey

    onifey Master Chief

    Being able to switch them on the fly is an option and a much better one than the current system, but It feels unnecessary given different powers would use different inputs to activate. I could see this working for more skilled players but in my opinion not having to worry with switching them at all would be more fun.
  18. Galeshi1

    Galeshi1 Space Hobo

    Indeed. Making it streamlined would be nice.
  19. Malkaveer

    Malkaveer Void-Bound Voyager

    I think it's because some powers use the same key to activate. i know the morph ball and the mech do. That said I'd be willing to have to choose to take one or the other if it meant multiple techs at once could be used so long as the command key's didn't overlap.
  20. onifey

    onifey Master Chief

    Hmm... I see, then perhaps having them as toggles, allowing to use things like Dash and Double jump would make sense, while others that use similar inputs can't be on at the same time. At the very least give us something that doesn't require going into the menus.

    That sort of necessity to keep to a single power just to level combined with the clumsy power change system really makes having powers other than Energy Dash kind pointless... =(
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