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Server Help Multiplayer through steam not working properly?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by KnightElkwarden, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. KnightElkwarden

    KnightElkwarden Orbital Explorer

    Hello there.

    My friend and I recently attempted to play Starbound together while using the join via steam option. Whoever was hosting the game didn't have any problems, but whoever didn't host had some massive issues with lag. I'm talking some 10 to 30 second lag that made the game basically unplayable.

    We tried restarting the game and our PCs, but nothing seems to be working. We're not having any trouble with any other games, it's just this one. We've checked our settings and everything seems normal.

    I was wondering if there was a way to fix this? I've been looking around and haven't seen any solution to it.
  2. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The End of Time

    What is the hosts upload speed? Not download, upload. Most home connections have slow upload speeds, and that would indeed cause lag.
  3. Wolf1e

    Wolf1e Aquatic Astronaut

    its the same for me too on both ends its always disconnecting
    we even tried the Vsync off and an but the effect is the same everytime
  4. Cark

    Cark Space Hobo

    Hi there,

    My brother and I are having the exact same issue. I've just checked my download and upload speeds on both our connections, they're very good and more than ample for all other multiplayer games we've played, including highly demanding fast paced action games. The lowest our download and upload have ever been are in the 30mbps, and they're usually close to 100mbps. Our download and upload speeds are virtually the same, differing in no more than 2-3mbps.
    We also checked and we both have very low ping.

    Our PC specs are high too, we can both run the Witcher 3 and more demanding games at highest settings. So I'm certain it isn't a problem on our end, it's gotta be something to do with the game.

    Specs basically the same for both of us:
    GPU: GTX 1060 6gb
    RAM: 16gb
    CPU: Core i7 7700k

    When we play through Steam we have the exact same issue. The person "hosting" has no problems, but the guest has unplayable lag issues, doors won't even open, any action in the world or in menus (e.g.: inventory) takes ages, usually around 1minute for any one thing to happen. Unplayable.

    We even tried hosting our own dedicated server and playing through that, which people recommended; saying it tended to solve these issues. However, even through our own dedicated server the exact same problem was occurring. The host has no lag issues, the guest has severe lag issues. It was an incredibly obtuse process just to try and play a game online, and it still didn't solve it. The only thing I can think of now, is that it must have something to do with the game optimization just not being up to par for multiplayer.

    The only time we haven't had these issues is when we've both been connected to LAN on the same internet connection, basically in each other's houses. So the problem seems to be when playing online. But like I said, both our connections (upload and download) are very high mbps rate, and our ping on both ends is very low. We've made sure our firewalls aren't blocking anything either on both ends, and they are not.

    Is there any updates on when this 1.4 patch is coming, and if it'll solve these multiplayer issues? Are the developers still working on the game?
    Or if anyone can think of something else I could do on my end to fix this, I'm more than open to suggestions?

    I haven't owned this game long, but I've truly fallen in love with it, as has my brother. However, we both primarily got it to play together and with friends, playing this game with others really enhances the experience. It's just such a shame that so many people are having issues with this, I've been reading on countless forums to try and solve this issue.

    It's a very important chunk of the game multiplayer, and for that not to be functional I really don't think is okay, especially considering it's been out of early access for quite some time now, and supposedly fully released and finished. This is an incredible game here, I'd really love to be able to share this experience with others. I hope you can help me.

    Thanks for your time!


    P.S.: Sorry for the huge post, just trying to be as thorough as possible. ;)
  5. Topaazy

    Topaazy Space Hobo

    1.Are you running steam or starbound in any compatibility mode? Which anti virus software are you using?
    I'm asking because it could be that something is blocking some steam functions to work properly (or blocking some parts of communication between starbound and steam)

    2.Is starbound and steam on an exception list? It seems that the initialization of the steam api takes too long or is blocked. Stupid thing is: the log won't produce any usable output for it.
    Regard Topazy.
  6. ItsDaPervert

    ItsDaPervert Astral Cartographer

    Try joining via IP or use something like Hamachi to simulate a LAN network. I have no clue what may cause your problem but maybe one of these ways works for you.

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