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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by DayaCaley, May 4, 2018.

  1. DayaCaley

    DayaCaley Lucky Number 13

    Hey Guys,

    is anyone is interested in playing Stardew Valley together? I'm bored right now and want to play with somebody. :)

    • imBarcode

      imBarcode Space Hobo

      id love to :) add me on steam yaboybarcode
      • Rhakosae

        Rhakosae Space Hobo

        I'm looking for a multiplayer group too! my name is Rhakosae on steam :)
        • Mapacky

          Mapacky Space Hobo

          I also would like to play :)
          Add me on steam: Mapacky
          • Grububblede

            Grububblede Space Hobo

            I'd love too ! i need people to play with. add me ! my steam is hamham11121 or GraceisNotSarre.
            • ivansamaniego

              ivansamaniego Space Hobo

              anyone add me on steam @CherryBomb or cowhatred if the other one doesnt show up
              • Poesjeoban

                Poesjeoban Space Hobo

                Am I to late to want to join in.... I would love to have online friends I could play stardew valley with.... I have one friend who has stardew valley but he is quite buzy when I want to play.... My name on steam is the same
                • thederpyluna

                  thederpyluna Intergalactic Tourist

                • NightShadeViolet

                  NightShadeViolet Tentacle Wrangler

                  I`d love to play with you guys as well if I can! Is that okay? If so My Steam is NightShadeViolet.
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